How to Register

How to register your CV & personal profile:
When submitting your curriculum vitae (CV) and personal profile to Blue Lynx for the first time, please use our online registration tool which is located on our homepage. This is the quickest and most effective method to register your CV and personal profile. You will be sent a unique login via email in order to access your CV and personal profile. Please use this tool to update your details when there are changes to your CV and/or personal profile.  

How to submit an updated CV and or information:
Using your unique login you can quickly access your registered details by clicking: CV and/or personal profile

Lost your unique login?
Simply click on reset login to obtain a new login this will be sent via email to you.

Why update your CV and personal profile?
When your personal details change in either your CV or personal profile keep us posted:

  • Changed layout of CV
  • New address
  • New mobile
  • Starting a new study
  • Passed exams
  • New referee(s)
  • Change of job description/promotion
  • End of employment contract
  • Change in salary expectations
  • Change in locations you are looking for work.

Need help with your CV layout and content?
If you are struggling with the content and layout of your CV please feel free to use these links to help you: tips on creating a CV and CV template.

Do you have the correct visa, work and residency permits?
Applicants wishing to apply for vacancies within the Netherlands must have all the necessary work and residency permits, visa's etc.

When online registration does not work:
If you are not able to access the online registration tool then please call for assistance on +31 (0)70 311 7822 or +31 (0)20 406 9180 alternatively you can email us

What happens after you submit your CV:
Once your CV has been registered it will be reviewed by our recruitment team. All CV's are reviewed to establish whether or not we will be able to represent your candidacy. Blue Lynx will contact you either straight away or when there is a suitable vacancy that matches your CV and profile.
We will arrange an intake appointment with you to discuss your candidacy in detail, including but not limited to: your work/career requirements and desires, experiences, qualifications, personal skills etc. Furthermore, our Recruitment Consultants will explain the step-by-step Blue Lynx candidate selection procedure giving you a full insight into how Blue Lynx will represent your candidacy. When a face to face appointment is not convenient then we can arrange an interview via Skype.



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