Candidates Impressions

Candidate – Sophie Noh
Blue Lynx contacted me about a year ago for a vacancy that suits me perfectly. They have guided me in the right direction for numerous interviews and gave me constructive feedback after the interviews. I am thankful for all the hard work they've put in to place me in this job, which to this date I am very much enjoying!

Candidate - Elizabeth Barton
I have had the pleasure of using Blue Lynx on two separate occasions spanning more than 10 years and it is with no hesitation that I recommend this team of recruitment professionals. 

Their high quality of service and personal touch made the recruitment process a pleasant experience. Relieving the pressure from myself as the job seeker by guiding and supporting me within the recruitment process, from introduction to the company, through a lengthy interview process and finally a job offer.

Their commitment goes way farther than the signing of the contract. The after hire support certainly differentiates the service provided making Blue Lynx a most pleasant and professional agency to work with. They are truly professional, extremely committed and knowledgeable. I would definitely use Blue Lynx services again!

Candidate - Babu Katanga
Blue Lynx has presented a wealth of opportunities for myself and many non-Dutch speaking individuals looking to connect to the employment market in the Netherlands. The recruiters I have worked with do not only offer promises, but in all they aim to really; 1. Build a relationship with you and 2. Work hard with you to achieve success in finding employment in the Netherlands. This is done in a professional, realistic and ethical manner. I have not landed my dream job as yet, but with them, I feel the end result is auspicious and would advise any professional looking to find a job in the Netherlands to definitely contact them, as their staff are also very responsive.

Candidate – Kishan Ramjiawan
I am so glad I picked up the phone when they called me the first time. When everyone had forgotten about me and no one seemed to care if I found a job or not, there was always someone within Blue Lynx who kept my head high and stood by me. Together fighting for another opportunity. Besides all the kind people over there, they actually really care about you and your career. As long as they come in every day, pick up the phone and start dialing, there will always be hope. Because they don't stop until you start working.

Candidate – Simina Fudulache
I`ve been working with Blue Lynx for many years. During this time Blue Lynx consultants have provided superior quality service and proved to show genuine interest in their candidates - this has set them apart from other Recruitment Companies that I have worked with. I found them to be professional, friendly, easy to work with and dedicated to match the right jobs to the pertaining candidates. What`s more, I’ve had two long term important contracts thanks to Blue Lynx. In my opinion, they`re the best in their field and I strongly recommend this company to all professionals out there currently seeking jobs in respectable and serious companies.

Candidate – Jacinta Liu
I had an amazing experience working with Blue Lynx.  Not only are they extremely responsive and thorough, they made my work transition to The Netherlands quite seamless by going through all the necessary information and details.  They saved me a lot of job search anxiety with constant follow-up and updates. I would recommend Blue Lynx to all job seekers out there!

Candidate - Edgars Jerums
Last year during my job search, I came across Blue Lynx Recruitment agency and I was fortunate to meet helpful Recruitment Consultants. They were responsive and showed willingness to find me a job. My contact person was very open and it was pleasure to work with her. Blue Lynx did their best to help me find a job. Their work approach is professional and they did everything they had promised. As a result, in the short period of time they managed to find me successful employment.

Candidate - Spaska Bacheva
Blue Lynx recruitment services are on a high level and certainly met my expectations regarding the way in which a job application should be successfully processed. Their Recruitment Consultants are very professional and always give well informed suggestions and guidance that, in my case, led me to the right job for my next career step.  I highly recommend Blue Lynx as a first choice recruitment agency for internationals seeking job opportunities in the Netherlands. I am happy to have worked with Blue Lynx and reached the final result I was aiming for when I first reached out to them.

Candidate - Iria Belenguer
As an expat in the Dutch & International job market, I have found invaluable support from Blue Lynx. Their recruitment staff are helpful and professional. They truly go the extra mile in order to understand the needs of their clients and find the right fit between vacancies and candidates.  I have no hesitation in recommending this excellent recruitment agency to those who are navigating through the difficulties of a job search in The Netherlands.

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Field Engineer – English +
Research Analyst for the Technology, Media & Telecommunications Practice - English
Warehouse Operative - English
Data Analyst - English
The Hague
Customer Service Representative – English & German
Customer Service Representative - English +
Global Mobility Advisor - English
The Hague
Program Manager - English
Executive Services Senior Planner - English
The Hague
HR Business Partner - Dutch & English
The Hague
Office Coordinator/Receptionist - Dutch & English
Customer Services Coordinator - English
Financial Accountant - English
Business Development Manager EMEA - English, French & German
Assistant Buyer – Dutch & English +
Junior Account Manager Benelux – Dutch, English & French
Customer Service Operational Representative - Dutch & English
Customer Service Operational Representative - English, Spanish & French
Billing Analyst - English
The Hague
Account Representative – Spanish & English+
Knowledge Analyst Consumer Goods Practice EMEA - English
Knowledge Analyst Industrial Practice EMEA - English
Compliance and Quality Engineer - English
Tech and Web Support Coordinator - English
Savings and Deposits Officer - Germany & Austria - German & English
Red Hat Cloud Pre-Sales Specialist - Dutch & English