Career & CV Coaching Services

Blue Lynx Coaches provide professional support to advise and guide you on your job hunting journey. With over 25 years’ recruitment experience we are well placed to coach you to help you secure employment in the Netheralnds. Our effective Employment &CV coaching will make a positive impact on you furthering your career.

We advise on job winning interview techniques and answer all related questions to support you with your job search and help you to find that perfect next role.

The Career & CV Coaching objective is to advise, teach and help in your job hunting journey. The benefits of coaching start when you book the course, you will straight away feel more empowered, positive and committed. Having a Coach to guide and advise you is the first step in the right direction to finding your next career job.

Career & CV Services
We offer a number of tailor-made courses: including one on one coaching, group courses and company in-house courses (as part of a re-deployment process).

What a training can consist of:

  • CV Consultation - guidelines on improving your CV for the Dutch market
  • Interview techniques and preparation
  • Job hunting
  • How and where to network
  • LinkedIn profile writing plus recommendations on how to maximise your profile
  • Tips on writing a cover letter & thank you letter /email
  • Where to post your CV, advise on which agencies/consultancies to use
  • 1 hour video interview with feedback
  • How to get the best out of Recruitment Consultants!!

Coaching  preparation and participation
Before any training you will need to do some preparatory work this will include but will not be limited to filling in an online questionnaire uploading your current CV and Motivational letter (if you have one). With this information your Coach can more easily identify areas where you need advise for a tailor made evaluation.

Rates & duration of courses
Coaching rates and course duration vary per course. For further enquires on how Blue Lynx can coach you with your job search please contact us on +31 (0)70 311 7822.


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