Expat Services

Tulip Expats Services & Blue Lynx – a partnership that was waiting to happen.

Blue Lynx partners with Tulip Expats Services BV –  Creating the first One Stop Expat Service Partnership for all current and future international clientele.

A trusted partnership between two companies each with 25 years of Dutch industry experience, we share the same business acumen, ethos and professionalism -  and now provide genuine ‘added value’ and expertise to the Expat Service Industry in the Netherlands.

This partnership benefits international professionals and companies bringing everyone closer together.

Expat Services

  • Relocation and Housing
  • Finance and Tax
    Tax services, Mortgages, Financial Planning of pensions/retirement
  • Expat HR Services
    Residence and/or working permits and IND applications
    Knowledge migrant combined work and residence permits
    Permit extensions

Please contact us on: expatservices@bluelynx.com or +31 (0)70 311 78 22



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