Matching Candidate to Vacancy

The Blue Lynx protocol for matching candidates to clients vacancies is the most flexible we have ever come across. Our Recruitment Consultants spend the time required to find appropriate candidates for each job vacancy.

Blue Lynx Recruitment Consultants adhere to and apply stringent rules and guidelines during the entire recruitment process. All Blue Lynx staff are required to follow Blue Lynx procedure prior to submission of CV’s and Profiles to clients for consideration.

  1. Fully Qualify & Understand Client Briefing
    On receiving a vacancy the Recruitment Consultant managing account will qualify the vacancy. Step-by-step the vacancy will be qualified clarifying all aspects. Secondly the Consultant will discuss any amendments that may be required.  In addition to the: general skills, languages, experience, educational requirements, soft skills, candidate profile and competencies required Blue Lynx takes the time to understand the "right fit" the personality. 
  2. Sourcing
    When all key areas have been identified, the Recruitment Consultants will commence a database search, based on specific criteria. Blue Lynx has developed a tailor made database with three unique search engines to source and find suitable candidates. Currently there are over 45,000 active candidates registered which have been key worded. Additionally external sources are used relevant to the industry discipline and job spec.
  3. Screening
    When suitable candidates have been initially sourced, the Recruitment Consultants then fully qualifies the candidate, reviewing test results where applicable.
  4. Open Resourcing/ Brainstorming
    Blue Lynx has a total open resource database allowing all consultants access to the total talent pool. Furthermore daily brainstorming sessions aid the recruiters in sourcing the best candidates per vacancy.
  5. Qualifying Candidates
    It is company policy that every candidate is interviewed and profiled and totally  briefed regarding the vacancy prior to Blue Lynx obtaining permission to represent their candidacy for each and every vacancy. This is a Blue Lynx "Golden Rule".
  6. Submit Selected Qualified Candidate CVs to Client
    Once the above steps have been completed will a Recruitment Consultant submit a the most suitable candidate(s).


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