Client – FIS (Fidelity Information Services):
We here at FIS have always enjoyed working with Blue Lynx and their great employees. Blue Lynx always provides us with good service and understands completely the profiles we are looking for. We also appreciate their flexibility on other matters and even helping with matters that may not have to do with recruitment per se.

Blue Lynx has always gone above and beyond to ensure that FIS is a happy client.


Client – Grundfos:
Grundfos started with Blue Lynx 5 years ago. After getting used to each other, especially about our wishes, what kind of employees we need (attitude and education), we managed to create a ‘well oiled’ machine.

Whenever we have a new vacancy a standard process is started up without having to go deep into detail. We have two function descriptions, we know what we want, Blue Lynx knows what we want and then for us it is just a case of waiting for a good candidate.

Until now we do not have any complaints. We just gave the latest candidate a contract with Grundfos.At this moment we have 6 Blue Lynx employees in the company out of 15.

The contact with Blue Lynx is very good, both the recruitment team and the administration/HR team are very professional and have a good sense of humor. For us that is also very important. So I think we will keep Blue Lynx as our only recruitment company.


Client - Spencer Stuart:
We have been working with Blue Lynx for almost ten years and Blue Lynx has been responsible for the supply of a big part of our staff members. The personal contact between the Recruitment Consultant and us have ensured that the vast majority of the candidates have proven to be a long term fit in terms of skills, capabilities and personal and cultural fit. We heavily depend on the network and expertise of Blue Lynx and happily rely on that. We are very happy to recommend Blue Lynx to companies that look for professional and capable individuals and seek professional and personal service.


Client – Taser:
Blue Lynx delivers what you would expect from a top rate recruitment agency: great service and excellent candidates.


Client - AOC (Aramco Overseas Company):
During my time at Aramco I have repeatedly worked with Blue Lynx for challenging recruitment requests. I was impressed by their responsiveness and everlasting motivation to deliver the best services, even when things got difficult. With a strong focus and commitment they were successful to help us with hard-to-fill positions.

I can personally recommend working with Blue Lynx.


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