The HR Experts

Our team of experienced international multi-lingual HR Specialists provide a smooth transition and on-going support for businesses who realise and understand that Human Resources in the Netherland is unlike any other and want to outsource/hire in a small part or the whole HR department. The legally binding rules, the regulations and the methods in the Netherlands can be very daunting and confusing.

The team have extensive and relevant experience providing HR Services ranging from a full HR Service to assistance in one small facet that is paramount to secure the correct HR operations making your business compliant with Dutch regulations.

Our Consultants have HR degrees and extensive relevant work experience, they are all fluent English speakers and the majority are fluent in Dutch and one or two other European languages.

Furthermore, Blue Lynx partners with Tulip Expats Services BV specialising in Expat HR Services for the administration and application of: 

  • Residence and/or working permits and IND applications
  • Knowledge migrants combined work and residence permits 
  • Permit extensions

"The most important resources in any organisation are its human resources. Appropriate human resources assure an organisation that the right number and kind of people are available at the right time and place so that organisational needs can be met." 

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