Why Use Blue Lynx?

Blue Lynx is a recruitment agency dedicated to recruiting professionals with the skills, ability and experience of working in international, multicultural environments. Each of our candidates are English speaking and multilingual and have been personally screened by Blue Lynx prior to being submitted to clients.

Blue Lynx sets itself apart from the competition because of key differences in its approach to business. Our dedicated service, delivery and industry expertise guarantee a commitment to ethical recruitment standards. By managing candidate and client expectations, we are able to build mutually beneficial partnerships.

As a potential employer you want to know that you are getting what you need. Blue Lynx invests in ensuring needs are fully understood before a tailored search is undertaken. Only when the parameters are known does Blue Lynx get to work. The 'no-cure no-pay' formula motivates us to find our clients the right match. If we do not deliver, clients don't pay. Blue Lynx does not apply retainer fees, ask for pre-payments, require binding contracts or demand preferred supplier status. Clients return not because the system requires it, rather because Blue Lynx delivers.

We invest in our clients – getting to know them, working with them and providing follow-up services for them as well as the employees recruited.

With the ability to provide a broad spectrum of employment solutions, Blue Lynx has the flexibility to respond to its clients' needs. An example of this would be a 'temp to permanent' employment solution.

The dedication and knowledge of the Blue Lynx Recruitment Team is, without a doubt what makes Blue Lynx the preferred supplier for leading international companies. Our in-house procedures, recruitment processes and personal commitment ensure that Blue Lynx deliver the right person or team, quickly, efficiently and successfully. We recognise that every business has different needs. By working with our clients we are able to implement a tailor made solution which best suits each clients' needs. Through long term relationships, we can partner your business in providing a responsive, cost effective service.

Contact the Client Development Team without any obligations or submit a job request.






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