10 Dutch Expressions Used On The Work Floor

By November 15, 2018 No Comments

On average 30% of a language contains idioms and expressions. Either you already speak Dutch or you are learning it, using idioms in conversations with colleagues can be fun. Here is our selection of the most used ones on the work floor.


1. Hoge bomen vangen veel wind.

High trees catch a lot of wind.
People in a high position have many responsibilities.


2. Er schuilt een addertje onder het gras.

There is a snake under the grass.
There is a catch.


3. Samen uit, samen thuis.

Out together, home together.
If you start something together, you should finish it together.

helaas pindakaas

4. Helaas pindakaas!

Unfortunately peanut butter!
Too bad that something has happened.


5. De poppen aan het dansen.

The dolls are dancing.
The problems have begun.


6. De kogel is door de kerk.

The bullet is through the church.
A decision has been made.


7. Iets uit de hand lopen.

Something to go out of the hand.
A situation which gets out of control, it gets bad


8. Er is werk aan de winkel.

There is work at the store.
There is work to be done.


9. Over koetjes en kalfjes praten.

To talk about little cows and little calves.
To do chit-chat.


10. Er is altijd baas over baas.

There’s always a boss higher in rank.
There is always someone who thinks s/he can do it better.