Blue Lynx Is NEN-4401-1 Certified

Blue Lynx's NEN 4400 Certificate

Blue Lynx is NEN4400-1 certified. This means that we meet industry standards and fulfil our obligations in relation to matters such as your privacy, taxation and the administration of employee records and identity documents. Our clients have no concerns or worries that we are not looking after their contractors income tax payments, our BTW (VAT) payments and all aspects of HR administration including the storage of personal data. Everything is continuously audited and checked.

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Meet Grace

Meet Grace the company dog. She is always hard at work keeping us all entertained, loved and on our toes, she works using strict canine guidelines “all food found on desks will be borrowed on a permanent basis”. She takes this job very seriously – biscuits, sandwiches and snacks are borrowed with regular monotony.

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Sinterklaas – we hope your chocolate letter arrived

Via Sint we were really happy to send a couple of hundred Sint chocolate letters to our contractors, clients and relations.

We have unfortunately had quite some issues, as quite a few have been returned; opened and broken or should we say crushed into chocolate sprinkles.

Secondly, we have also been informed that several Sint letters arrived with an extra gift – the request to pay a postal surcharge. When you were one of these unfortunate recipients please let us know as PostNL made a mistake and you are definitely not expected to pay any extra for the gift we sent.

All of this is a bit shocking as the postage, envelope and addresses were all correct.

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