Meet the Blue Lynx Team

Here below, you can meet all of the Blue Lynx staff members. We are a dedicated, international team who will be delighted to meet you. Scroll sideways to view all of our profiles. We also invite you to watch our company video here, the Story of Blue Lynx.



Tina is an expert in talent acquisition. She is a natural innovator and well known for her formidable business savvy. After 30 years of doing business in The Netherlands, Tina ‘gets’ how to get things done and is a consistent source of knowledge and inspiration for her team and clients alike. She is also a walking repository of brilliant HR anecdotes.

Most impressively, Tina has raised a stunning teenage son and the world’s most energetic dog (aka the Blue Lynx Branch Manager). Her warmth and energy light up the room and she loves nothing more than a good laugh with close friends.



Dina has worked at Blue Lynx for 26 years. She is the Finance Director and the ‘go to’ person within the organisation. There is nothing about recruitment or finance that she doesn’t know. Her open door policy, unbelievable work ethic and dedication makes Dina an unmissable member of Blue Lynx.
Dina is a yoga loving, cat loving, Canada loving, fun loving, creative and caring person. Family comes first where Dina is concerned and what a great family she has.


HR Manager

Arla is a hoot. She is a comedienne which is a breath of fresh air when it comes to the field of HR. Her unique method, unwavering professionalism and dedication to Blue Lynx and our clients and employees alike is what sets Arla apart. She has been a great asset since her first day here at Blue Lynx.
Arla brings diverse sector and discipline experience with her, making her a dynamic and commercially minded HR professional. A real “spider in the web”, her mother hen approach is invaluable both in the office and on site.
Originally from Canada, Arla has called The Hague home for over a decade. She actively volunteers in her community, loves making every holiday special for her teammates and loved ones alike. She is the epitome of work hard and play hard.


Business Development Manager

David joined the Blue Lynx team in 2016 as Business Development Manager. He has over 30 years post qualification experience. As a member of the Business Development team, he is responsible for initiating new relationships with a range of companies and institutions.
David not only works with prospects and clients he also initiates relationships with external partners and other individuals that could enhance the Blue Lynx business development efforts. David has worked within a number of industries and companies of diverse sizes and cultures. Firstly self-employed, then as a consultant and most recently in full-time employment. This experience enables him to easily reach out to staff, management & C-level prospects within any organisation.
David grew up in the UK and currently resides in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, and considers himself as European “Forget about the box” thinker.


Recruitment Consultant (on secondment)

Driven by the motto: “everyone deserves to have the job they deserve”, Zanina Katira is an experienced Recruitment Consultant. Having worked in small start-ups and large corporates, she has gained broad experience in recruiting for a variety of positions. She gets a kick out of anything that has to do with IT and she is known for being loyal and proactive. Out of the office, you can find her taking photos, wandering around the city, playing a nice poker game or dancing her ass off to good techno music.


Recruitment Consultant

Teodora loves to help others in finding exciting job opportunities and is delighted to assist organisations in the search for the right people. Driven by a strong motivation and an extreme passion, she has progressed in her career very quickly and is more than excited to be a part of the Recruitment World. While being a recruitment consultant is her primary function, Teodora also enjoys cooking and bringing happiness to other people by sharing delicious treats.

Grace Spring Evans

Canine Branch Manager

Grace is apparently a Whipador dog, but the Blue Lynx Team just see her as their 4 legged furry colleague! She is at Blue Lynx every day in her capacity as Branch Manager. What does she do? She entertains, she takes siestas, she eats, and most importantly she gets petted when we are having one of those “I need a furry friend moments”. Grace joined Blue Lynx a couple of years ago after being recruited from a dog rescue centre in Granada Spain. She shares her private downtime with Tina (CEO) – who is her butler & PA.


Social Media Generalist

Jillian divides her time between working at Blue Lynx and studying Marketing and Communication. This is her first job in a commercial environment and she loves the buzz and great learning opportunities. While primarily managing all aspects of the organisation’s social media, Jillian has a significant role in upholding the Blue Lynx brand. She enjoys traveling especially to Canada, shopping and driving her Mum’s car!!


Recruitment Support

Now a Recruitment support Sabrin started her career within Blue Lynx as a Business development and Recruitment Intern. Learning and gaining experiences from the best colleagues in the world. Self-development and facing challenges her are two most favorable trades. Leading her currently to face her greatest fear Public speaking.
Sabrin has lived in over 5 countries within her short lifespan of 24 years. Which taught her many things as well as leaving her with a passion for cultures and languages. Having mastered 4 she is currently working on her 5th. She is easy to talk to and a bubbly personality which makes for a fun and engaging conversation. Hence her passion in life is to be able to connect to as many people as she can, including you.


HR and Finance Support

Cynthia has worked as an organisational and administration consultant for more than 17 years. Her expertise lies in solution focus approach, project management and strategic planning. She also has experience working in different countries and enjoys learning from other cultures. Currently working as Operations Administrator at Blue Lynx, Cynthia has taken the challenge of learning another language and working in a different industry. As a trained coach and counsellor, she enjoys listening and talking with people. She believes you can learn something useful from every single moment in your life and sharing this with others is the best legacy you can leave.


Recruitment Support and Researcher

Daantje gets things done. Just ask her once and she delivers exactly what you want, when you want it and with flair. Once a team lead at Albert Heijn, Daantje is a natural at coordinating people, capably handling multiple tasks and keeping projects on track. She has incredible energy and plays a vital role in keeping things ticking at Blue Lynx. When she is not in the office, Daantje is studying at university, and is fond of dancing or trying out new dishes.


Senior Vendor and Talent Acquisition Specialist

Ernesto is one in a million. He is a marketing graduate with an exemplary career path in sales and recruitment.
He is a fun loving, hard working, dedicated top recruiter - who always goes the extra 10 miles for his candidates, clients and colleagues. He leaves no stone unturned until he has found the best candidate for his client.
He loves life and having fun with his friends, family and colleagues. He’s always willing to help make a difference to people. He is an avid volunteer helping those less fortunate that himself, a passionate drone flyer and the smartest dressed recruiter in the Northern Hemisphere.


Recruitment Support & Researcher

Roxana is an emphatic and ambitious person. She is specialised in strategic communication and international relations. For her recruitment is about going the extra mile, timing and networking. Her passions include: literature, sports and foreign languages.