Why partner with Blue Lynx?

We’re phenomenal at what we do and we will treat you like gold every step of the way.  We have been carefully handpicking talented multilingual internationals for nearly 30 years.

  • We have a mighty strong network which gives you access to the best talent
  • Our screening process is rigorous. That’s good for you because you will only meet the cream of the crop
  • We take the time to know your organization inside and out. This is important because it gives us the insight required to find you the perfect fit.

We only get paid when the job is done which is great for you because it means that you bare no risk – you can only gain by having us find you a candidate. We don’t apply retainer fees, ask for pre-payments, require binding contracts or demand preferred supplier status.

Oh and we’re different from other services as we don’t use a commission structure. The reason that is important is that it frees our recruiters to be motivated by a lot more than money.

People come back to us – that’s why we’re here 30 years later.

To discuss your requirements and how we will fulfill every single one, please call us on (070) 311 7822 or email sales@bluelynx.com.

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