Contracting, Executive Search & Recruitment in the Netherlands

Blue Lynx – International Recruitment

Recruiting professionals wanting to work in an international and multicultural environment.
The talent and opportunities available for Dutch and international candidates are endless. Blue Lynx has the network, expertise, experience for building a talent database. We take the time to match demand and supply, candidate and vacancy.
In the process, we follow a protocol and its golden rule – a proven formula for success.

Blue Lynx can help with C-level Recruitment and Executive Search in the Netherlands

Executive Search in the Netherlands and Abroad

The Blue Lynx Executive Recruitment Consultants are the ‘Talent Guardians’ within the organisation. Blue Lynx screens its candidates with attention and thoroughness. We identify those with added potential, expertise and management experience. Then, we nurture them for clients, with whom a special relationship exists.
As in all its activities, Blue Lynx cares for the future executives themselves. As well as the Senior Management of their clients who may be quietly on the lookout for new talent.
Recruitment Consultants assure personal representation for the Executive in search of opportunities. They have themselves been at the Executive level.
Blue Lynx Executive Consultancy provides for:
  • Extensive sourcing & utilisation of their cross border and international network of offices & intermediaries
  • Detailed testing & exploration of candidates’ abilities, personalities & aspirations
  • Facilitation of Confidential communication processes between clients & candidates
  • Market analysis & Cultural Awareness to start-up ventures from overseas enterprise investors
  • Proactive personalised head-hunting for clients and reciprocal ventures for candidates
  • Undisclosed, confidential vacancy advertising and the ensuing recruitment process
For more information please contact our Recruitment Consultants. We will treat your inquiry with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.


Contracting & Temporary Staffing Solutions (uitzenden)

In what cases does your company need a ‘temporary staffing solution’?
It could be to reduce overheads, increase productivity or improve profitability. Blue Lynx helps you cope with fluctuating market demands. With our temporary staffing solutions, candidates can still take advantage of short and longer-term international opportunities.
Blue Lynx always gives you options. We can take on the whole recruitment cycle on behalf of our clients. This could include:
  • advertising
  • sourcing
  • qualifying
  • scheduling
  • interviewing
  • screening
  • negotiating salaries.
Furthermore, Blue Lynx is also responsible for the temporary employment contract; social insurances; pension (where applicable); sick leave administration, career development etc.
Temporary staff members are employed by Blue Lynx and assigned to clients to perform work under the client’s management and supervision.
Such a position via Blue Lynx can vary from 3 months to several years. Many clients opt to hire staff temporarily through Blue Lynx before employing them directly.
For details of this hiring option, please contact the Client Development Team via or +31 (0)70 311 7822.


Talent Sourcing

A magnifying glass on a blue background

As a talent sourcing partner, Blue Lynx serves as a natural extension to the HR department. We help you find the staff you are looking for by using active recruiting techniques on LinkedIn and many other tools and platforms. We provide a listing of candidates who are interested in the vacancy. If needed, we can also qualify these candidates. Talent sourcing and talent qualifications services are tailor-made to match the client’s requirements and budget.


After All That, It’s Up to You to Decide

Once we hand those CVs to you and connect you to the talent you need, hiring becomes much easier. When you are competing with thousands of companies for great employees, having knowledgeable recruitment specialists on your side is crucial. Here’s why employers and executives seek the help of Blue Lynx. 

  • Access to the best active and passive talent
  • Dedicated talent sourcers and researchers
  • Wide-ranging industry knowledge
  • Honest and accurate predictions and approach
  • Market insights and data for every assignment
  • Legal, ethical, and GDPR-compliant sourcing techniques 
  • Competitors’ research and salary benchmarking
  • Best industry practices for LinkedIn marketing and communication