CSR: Volunteering Day in the Netherlands with Blue Lynx

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The Origins of the Dutch National Day of Volunteering (NLdoet)

Every year in March, the Dutch charity, Oranje Fonds, organises a national day for volunteering in the Netherlands, called “NLdoet” (literally translated in English: “NL does”).  It was formerly referred to as “Make a Difference Day”, like the American counterpart for this day. The Oranjefonds was founded in 2002 as the country’s wedding present for Princess Maxima and Prince Willem-Alexander.


Blue Lynx’s 2018 Volunteering Day

Blue Lynx CSR NLdoet

Our top Amsterdam recruiters Chrysanthi and Smaragda working on the vegetable patch

In 2018, Blue Lynx was delighted to be able to join Voedseltuin IJplein and help them with their vegetable patch.

Voedseltuin IJplein is a shared vegetable garden for and by local residents of Amsterdam. Most of the organically grown vegetables and herbs are sent to food banks in Amsterdam.

We were offered a delicious lunch made by a local resident. After that, we were shown how to rake the soil; makes rows in the soil for the plants; and how to sow seeds for vegetables such as sugar snaps, onions, radish, cabbage, lettuce, and lamb’s lettuce. We also had a lot of fun putting the theory to practice and working together as a team in the field.


2017 with Respect Zorggroep

A few years ago, on March 10th 2017, Blue Lynx had the pleasure of visiting a local Senior Home called Respect Zorggroep (translated: “Respect Care Group”). The staff enjoyed the day by helping to plant flowers and plants on the residents’ balconies; as well as meeting the residents.


Where Can You Find a Volunteer Job?

The Blue Lynx staff love the national NLdoet initiative and look forward to taking part in the day of volunteering. If the idea of volunteering sounds appealing to you, and you would like to find a place to volunteer, here are some useful links: