Good News During Corona…

The world is not all doom and gloom. Yes, we’re facing challenging times. But if we look for something positive in each day, we can surely find it. Though some days we have to look harder.

A positive mindset can get us through any challenge. If you are not a believer in The Law of Attraction philosophy and need harder proof, the placebo phenomenon was noticed over 200 years ago. Also, Medicine has long studied the positive effects of laughter – it strengthens your immune system, boosts mood, diminishes pain, and protects you from the damaging effects of stress.

We believe by taking good self-care and social distancing measures, soon we will be back to normal. Until then, we’ve gathered some jokes, inspirational thoughts and great examples of people overcoming obstacles to keep spirits high.

We encourage you to share the good news – be a spreader of uplifting content, instead of disease.

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Crisis or not, multilingual professionals are always needed in the Netherlands.

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A Healed Bone...

Healed Bone

A student once asked anthropologist Margaret Mead, “What is the earliest sign of civilization?” The student expected her to say a clay pot, a grinding stone, or maybe a weapon.

Margaret Mead thought for a moment, then she said, “A healed femur.”

A femur is the longest bone in the body, linking hip to knee. In societies without the benefits of modern medicine, it takes about six weeks of rest for a fractured femur to heal.

A healed femur shows that someone cared for the injured person, did their hunting and gathering, stayed with them, and offered physical protection and human companionship until the injury could mend.

Mead explained that where the law of the jungle—the survival of the fittest—rules, no healed femurs are found. The first sign of civilization is compassion, seen in a healed femur.

-Ira Byock

Meet the Moor Bears of Stockport, UK

Plush bears staged in everyday activities

These friendly giant plushies share ideas on how to spend the time if you’ve found yourself with too much on your hands lately. Giving their suburb neighbours something to look forward to in every day of quarantine.

You can track what they are up to on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

The Moor Bears on Facebook

It takes some adjustments to work from home.

Make Optimism "Viral"

optimism - stay smiling together

“While most see the coronavirus as the end of the world, I choose to see it as the GPS that will get us back on the right track, bringing along kindness, respect, empathy, equality, and altruism as our luggage.” -wrote Luis Miguel Messianu in an open letter to anyone who feels imprisoned by Corona.

Luis Miguel Messianu’s Letter

Roll-up Your Sleeves and Get Involved

How did corona affected recruitment

In this interview, Tina Evans (CEO, BlueLynx) talks about the effects of Coronavirus on employment in the Netherlands. How does recruitment work in times of self-isolation and what industries are hiring despite the economic crisis?

Read the full interview here

Venice Canals Are Full of Fish

Wildlife has returned to Venice canals

Though Italy has been hit hard by Corona, local residents take a moment to acknowledge the beauty that self-isolation measures bring.
Wildlife is now “invading” popular tourist destinations. Swans and fish have been spotted in Venice canals. Ducks are swimming in Rome’s fountains.

Local mayor reports of dolphins and boars


Santa asks you to stay home. Be a good child and keep social distancing. You wouldn’t want to ruin Christmas, would you?

bicycles in the Netherlands

Exporting Our Cycling Culture

The Netherlands wasn’t a cycling country 50 years ago. And change didn’t come overnight. The first introduced measure was car-free Sundays.

Due to corona, carpooling, train and metro are not recommended ways of transport. Cities around the globe are now interested in Dutch cycling infrastructure, reported Lucas Harms – director of

Dutch Cycling Embassy

Medical Workers Appreciated

A family welcomes their hero nurse mum with different surprise every time she goes back home after her shift.

Unknown talents  on YouTube are doing COVID parodies of famous songs. And it is hilarious. Witty lyrics, too.

Kind-hearted Role Model for All

Little girl writes racing letter to elder neighbour

The 5-year-old Kirah wrote to her elder neighbour to check if he’s ok.

See response here

5 Ways to Navigate the Crisis

Man wearing face mask in front of a business building

This pandemic caught many unprepared. Does your company have a crisis management plan?

Here are 5 strategies

Blue Whale on Sea

Lockdown Reduces Ocean Noise, Less Stress for Sea Mammals

There is less ship traffic in the ocean due to the pandemic lockdown and this is good news for whales and other sea mammals. A study has concluded that ship noise is associated with chronic stress in baleen whales.
Michelle Fournet, a marine acoustician, from a seabed observatory near the Port of Vancouver, Canada noted a consistent drop in underwater noise pollution since 1 January 2020.

More info in this article

Self Precaution and Clean Ocean

Face masks produced by recycled ocean plastic

Sometimes social distancing isn’t an option. In such a case, authorities advice on wearing PPE (personal protective equipment), such as masks and gloves.

A scuba diving association devoted to cleaning the ocean and saving our blue planet is turning plastic water bottles into face masks.


A Workout Plan

Meet Pato – a fitness trainer in Hamburg, Germany.

He does free workout programme for people in his community to make a positive and energetic start to their day.

Elders Have Fun During Care Home Quarantine

Age is just a number. And the residents of Bryn Celyn care home in Wales give a good example.