The GDPR Deadline Has Passed. What Does This Mean For You?

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GDPR - Blue Lynx

After 25 May 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) deadline has officially passed. This regulation is an update to the Personal Data Protection Convention, Convention 108, which was first established in 1981 (1). As technology has progressed, the law has consistently been updated to keep up with new information and communication technologies (2) such as the internet and social media.


More Control Over Personal Information and Data

What does the recent GDPR update mean for you? The update gives you more control. Your data can only be used in the way you originally agreed to and it may only be used or saved if:

  1. You have given consent
  2. It is necessary at that instance
  3. The law requires it (3)

It deliberately states that you, as the owner of your personal data, have the right to access it and delete it if you wish (3). For example, it is usually necessary for an airline to request passport details for international travel but not to keep this data for an extended amount of time (4). After you have travelled, you could request that your data be deleted.


What Does This Mean for Businesses?

Organisations and businesses that do not follow the new GDPR ruling could be heavily fined. In order to avoid this, they need to show that they are using your data respectfully by being transparent, doing what they can to keep your information private (2) and ensuring it is only used for the purpose that it was originally intended.


Blue Lynx Is GDPR Compliant

We deal with personal data on a daily basis and we are serious about doing it right. To be fully GDPR compliant has most likely been a tremendous amount of work for most organisations. Many have had to update their website, procedures and databases, as well as purchase GDPR templates to ensure that they are following the regulation accurately.

This has been the case for Blue Lynx Employment, as well. Our senior management team including the CEO, CFO and HR Manager worked closely with the GDPR Project Manager to make sure that your data is being treated respectfully and that you are in control of your information. After months of work, we are very pleased to be fully GDPR compliant by the deadline. For more information, contact Blue Lynx at gdpr@bluelynx.com.


 Need a partner you can rely upon?

Blue Lynx is fully GDPR compliant and NEN certified (5). Contact us today for your Talent Acquisition, HR Services and Job Search support: www.bluelynx.com 


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