International Senior-level Recruitment & Executive Search in the Netherlands

The Blue Lynx International Executive Recruitment Consultants are the ‘Talent Guardians’ within the organisation. Given the thoroughness with which Blue Lynx screens its candidates it is in a unique position to identify those with added potential, expertise and management experience, and nurture them for clients with whom a special relationship exists.

Blue Lynx can help with C-level Recruitment and Executive Search in the Netherlands

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Furthermore given Blue Lynx’s own professionalism and extensive network at the Executive level it is able to keep its eyes and ears open for opportunities. As in all its activities Blue Lynx cares for the future executives themselves – making gentle career suggestions – as well as the Senior Management of their clients who may be quietly on the look out for new talent.

Personal Representation is assured for the Executive in search of opportunities by Recruitment Consultants who have themselves been at the Executive level.

Blue Lynx Executive Consultancy provides for:

  • Extensive sourcing & utilisation of their cross border and international network of offices & intermediaries
  • Detailed testing & exploration of candidates abilities, personalities & aspirations
  • Facilitation of Confidential communication processes between clients & candidates
  • Market analysis & Cultural Awareness to start up ventures from overseas enterprise investors
  • Proactive personalised head-hunting for clients and reciprocal ventures for candidates
  • Undisclosed, confidential vacancy advertising and the ensuing recruitment process

For more information please contact our Recruitment Consultants. Your inquiry will be treated with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

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