Talent Solutions for Global MSPs – Blue Lynx

We partner with some of the world’s top Managed Service Providers (MSP). Are you an MSP director looking for a staffing agency in the Netherlands? Let’s be partners. What’s in it for you?

  • Cut hiring timeline
  • Consolidate purchasing
  • Reduce expenditure/costs
  • Relieve the burden on hiring managers
  • Get worldwide access to top talent 

We understand and embrace the importance of our partnerships with Managed Service Providers. While working together with MSPs, Blue Lynx remains the employer of our contingent workforce (contractors). They are employed in accordance with the Collective Labour Agreement for Temporary Agency Workers (ABU CLA).

Blue Lynx Successfully Navigates Vendor Management Systems (VMS)

MSPs have a large workforce to take care of. A VMS is put in place to automate working processes and make it easy for everyone involved. We are experienced in working with various Vendor Management Systems used in the industry. Through your chosen VMS, we will successfully:

  • Receive latest job requirements 
  • Send candidate submissions for review
  • Schedule and coordinate interviews 
  • Submit billing and timecard
  • Manage contractor payroll
  • Manage all onboardings, extensions and offboarding

The success of your MSP depends on your choice of staffing agencies. Blue Lynx is a good one.

New Employee Onboarding & Retention

The temporary recruitment process continues even after the candidate has been selected for the job. As part of our MSP support package, Blue Lynx provides efficient employee onboarding. Blue Lynx provides every new hire with:

  • A personalised experience 
  • Step-by-step integration and continuous support
  • Important first-week information
  • A warm welcome and smooth transition

Long after the first week, we’re there for contractors, covering all the paperwork and administrative tasks. First impressions matter. A smooth onboarding process pays later down the road with increased employee retention.

What Makes Blue Lynx a Quality Staffing Supplier

Here are a few things that make us worth your trust: 

  • We partner with our MSP’s and share our market knowledge and expertise
  • We are NEN-4400-1 certified and audited every 6 months
  • We meet all industry standards
  • We fulfil all legal obligations in terms of privacy and taxation
  • We adhere to administration requirements of employee records & identity documents
  • We are truly international with offices in two European countries
  • Our team is diverse and multicultural 
  • We are GDPR compliant

Get In Touch With Us

If you are interested in having Blue Lynx as your trusted staffing agency, contact us today. We are available on +31 (0)70 311 7822 or at sales@bluelynx.com. You can also fill in the email form below.