Meet the Blue Lynx Team

Welcome! Allow us to introduce our lovely team members at Blue Lynx. We are exactly what you see – a colourful mixture of recruiters, HR & Finance specialists, sales experts and marketers. And last but not least, Grace, our four-legged Branch Manager.



Tina is an expert in talent acquisition. She is a natural innovator and well known for her formidable business savvy. After 30 years of doing business in The Netherlands, Tina ‘gets’ how to get things done and is a consistent source of knowledge and inspiration for her team and clients alike. She is also a walking repository of brilliant HR anecdotes.

Most impressively, Tina has raised a stunning teenage son and the world’s most energetic dog (aka the Blue Lynx Branch Manager). Her warmth and energy light up the room and she loves nothing more than a good laugh with close friends.

Arla Morison - HR Director at Blue Lynx


HR Director

Arla is a hoot. She is a comedienne which is a breath of fresh air when it comes to the field of HR. Her unique method, unwavering professionalism and dedication to Blue Lynx and our clients and employees alike is what sets Arla apart. She has been a great asset since her first day here at Blue Lynx.
Arla brings diverse sector and discipline experience with her, making her a dynamic and commercially minded HR professional. A real “spider in the web”, her mother hen approach is invaluable both in the office and on site.
Originally from Canada, Arla has called The Hague home for over a decade. She actively volunteers in her community, loves making every holiday special for her teammates and loved ones alike. She is the epitome of work hard and play hard.


Recruitment Sales Manager

Cristina is a dynamic tri-lingual expat with extensive experience within international sales. Cristina has a professional, knowledgeable and fun approach to her work. She is focused and her goal is to solve client staffing issues and HR solutions. She is an issue solver and no challenges are unsolvable, the word problem is not in her vocabulary. She is a world traveller having visited literally every corner of the globe. She will always have a link to anyone she meets due to her life, travel and work experiences. We are delighted to have her within the Blue Lynx family, she fits like a hand in a glove.


Operations Manager

Cynthia has worked as an organisational and administration consultant for more than 17 years. Her expertise lies in solution focus approach, project management and strategic planning. She also has experience working in different countries and enjoys learning from other cultures. Cynthia has taken the challenge of learning another language and working in a different industry. As a trained coach and counsellor, she enjoys listening and talking with people. She believes you can learn something useful from every single moment in your life and sharing this with others is the best legacy you can leave.


Senior Finance Assistant

Radina is the Senior Finance Assistant at Blue Lynx and loves helping people getting their numbers straight. To. The. Cent. This has been her main focus for the past 5 years while working in the finance field for the Australian and the UK markets. She's a person with a strong sense of responsibility and is always happy to be of help. The light form of OCD and love for accuracy only add up to her character and help her grow in the world of numbers and excel sheets.
Radina LOVES dancing and listening to music. It might not show every time, but she always has a song in her head. Going to rock concerts or Latin dance festivals and parties is always fun. Her other hobbies include (but not limited to) travelling, going to the beach, hiking and camping. In the not so good weather, she loves being with her friends, playing charades and having a laugh.


HR Business Partner

Hristo has worked in the hospitality industry for 9 years, gaining experience in management, tourism, food and beverages. As he has recently graduated with a master’s degree in Human Resources Management, he is passionate about advancing in training others and building motivation. His goals include developing a stronger understanding of Labour Law as well as gaining more experience in the wider field of HR. Outside of the office, he enjoys playing tennis, night walks and watching spy movies.


Recruitment Manager and Operations (Bulgaria)

Teodora loves to help others in finding exciting job opportunities and is delighted to assist organisations in the search for the right people. Driven by a strong motivation and an extreme passion, she has progressed in her career very quickly and is more than excited to be a part of the Recruitment World. While being a recruitment consultant is her primary function, Teodora also enjoys cooking and bringing happiness to other people by sharing delicious treats.


Recruitment Consultant

Defined as the ``missing piece`` by his Blue Lynx colleagues. Filipe is driven to see the best of people and support them to find their dream job! He joined Blue Lynx as a Talent Sourcer, he gained a promotion to Recruitment Consultant within weeks of joining. Now, this guy is unstoppable! Once a Public Officer, Filipe has a background in Political Sciences and Human Rights. He enjoys studying new languages (currently learning Dutch), spending time with friends and competing in Marathons.


Recruitment Consultant and IT Coordinator

Yasen holds a bachelor’s in Psychology and is a research-master in Behavioural Sciences with currently on-going PhD in Medical Psychology. With a broad experience in different office-based positions, he has also gained valuable real-life knowledge about how people behave in such an environment, which is at the core of recruitment. As a Recruitment Consultant, he helps both companies and candidates to find their desired match and is constantly on the lookout for ways to improve that process for all parties. With a strong interest in empirical measurement and the use of data to support decision-making, he would also be emotionally supportive and aware of people’s needs and drives. Most importantly, he is fun to be around, loves (almost) all animals and spending time in nature.


Recruitment Consultant

Monika has worked in the human resource/recruitment industry for 5 years. The main reason to start her professional development in recruiting is that she loves meeting new people and she believes that you can learn something new from every person you meet. As a Recruitment Consultant, she is passionate about assisting the business to choose the best addition to their team and at the same time helping people start or develop their career path. Outside of the office, Monika enjoys sports, good movies and lovely dinners with her family, friends and colleagues.


Recruitment Consultant

During the last semester of her Master's program in Communication & Information Sciences, Silviya joined Blue Lynx as a Recruitment Support Intern. These six months were enough for her to get so attached to the Blue Lynx family that she decided to stay. After graduating, Silviya joined the company as a Junior Recruitment Consultant and is learning something new every day. She loves the international environment at Blue Lynx, especially since she is an expat herself - Silviya moved from Bulgaria to the Netherlands six years ago for her Bachelor's degree.



Recruitment Consultant

Yordan is a goal-getter and a great team player who has been a professional athlete for over 10 years while pursuing 1 Bachelor and 2 Master Degrees. With previous experience in HR and Recruitment, he is one of the Talent Sourcers on the team. Yordan has a passion for sustainability and healthy living, as well as for leading people towards their better selves. His biggest strengths are his thoughtfulness, attention to detail and his ability to understand others. Yordan’s hobbies include sport and reading, as well as travelling around the world since he believes that culture enriches you and broadens your perspectives.


Expense Controller (On Erasmus Programme)

Max is the youngest team member and hopes one day to follow in his moms’ footsteps and own his own company. He is studying International Business Administration (IBA) at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Hard work is simply in his DNA - Max’s mum is the owner of Blue Lynx who also started working at the age of 17. Max has a flare for language, communications and finance. He currently is responsible for all in-house and external staffs expense claims. Sometimes he is really surprised as to how much our contractors travel everyone month for their work. Like most 18-year-old boys he loves Formula one, football and gaming.


Team Lead Recruitment Support (On Sabbatical)

With a background in recruitment and a degree in Leadership and Management, Stephanie’s passion for HR shines through. Her genuine care for people is a breath of fresh air. Just as Blue Lynx changed her life, she enjoys changing the lives of others. She demonstrates calmness and this trait brings efficiency and synergy in the team. Stephanie was born and raised outside of Chicago. She has a big family who is supportive and always is there no matter the circumstance. She moved to the Netherlands about three years ago, and is soaking up every moment of it. She enjoys travelling and likes to get to know the culture to the fullest potential. She does this by being brave and trying their cuisine. Eating and exploring different kinds of cuisine is a passion of hers. It allows one get to know a culture on an intimate level, she says. You can also see her on the golf course swinging away!


Team Lead Recruitment Support

Tisha is experienced in Sales and Administration. Driven by the dedication to help people, she takes pride in providing the best Customer Experience possible. As a Recruitment Support & Researcher, her goals include helping people find their dream jobs and spreading the word for Blue Lynx.
In addition to her primary job functions, Tisha has been recognized by her co-workers for her extraordinary commitment to excel spreadsheets, coffee and craft beer.


Recruitment Support & Researcher

Gabby joined the Blue Lynx team as a Recruitment Support and Researcher. Having a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism and currently completing her Master’s degree in Management, she has worked as a receptionist and loves communicating with people. Kind and always with a smile on her face, she is a perfectionist and tries to do things right every time. Outside of the office, Gabby loves watching sci-fi movies, travelling, reading books, spending time with family and friends and long walks on the beach.


Recruitment & Sales Support and Researcher

Ina has worked in the Talent Acquisition industry for 3 years, gaining experience in HR & Recruitment. As a seasoned Recruitment & Sales Support and Researcher, she is passionate about helping people find their dream jobs. Outside of the office, Ina enjoys spending time with her friends and family.


Recruitment & Sales Support and Researcher

Yoanna is a Recruitment and Sales Support and Researcher at Blue Lynx and loves helping people in any way that she can. She graduated from the University of Salford with a Bachelor Degree in Business and Management but decided to come back to Bulgaria to develop her career. While studying abroad, she has also spent her time living and working in Malta. She has spent the majority of her career in the sales and HR industries, gaining experience in customer service, support and administration. Outside the office, she is a self-thought makeup artist and a travel enthusiast.


Finance Assistant

Beatrice joined the Blue Lynx Team as a Finance Assistant. She has worked in the finance/administration arena for the last 6 years, including an international experience in Switzerland, Monaco and now the Netherlands. Being a versatile and enthusiastic individual, she takes pride in being a team player and feels that these are the biggest strengths in her professional life.
Outside of the office, one of Beatrice’s favourite things to do is to travel to Switzerland and Mauritius as often as possible in order to visit her family and friends. A huge dog lover, her little furry friends named Basil and Olive are the center of her world. In her opinion curling up on the sofa watching horror movies with a big bowl of popcorn, and maybe a cheeky glass of wine, is an evening well spent indeed.


Talent Sourcer

Aleksandar is part of the recruitment team at Blue Lynx. He has a bachelor's degree in Marketing and also attained a master's degree in Sales management. He has experience in sales which varies from B2C to B2B and is interested in every aspect of the sales environment because he believes that selling is an art and the best sale is the honest one. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball, hanging out with friends, reading comic books and resting at home.
“Heart is what separates the good from the great.” – Michael Jordan (Aleksandar’s favourite quote).



Digital Marketer

Maya joined the Blue Lynx Team to help communicate company messages across the sea of media channels. With a solid education in Informatics and a true passion for Marketing, she seamlessly merged the two into a Digital Marketing career. Maya has an eye for detail and likes to add a personal touch to everything she does. The Blue Lynx family won her over with their ``by the people for the people`` business attitude. Being a mom has unfolded her caring and helpful personality. She is now looking to help people advance in their personal development and bring out their best. To balance off the digital job, Maya enjoys off-grid activities like bread making, crafting, gardening, and puzzle-solving.


Marketing and Recruitment Support

Jillian divides her time between working at Blue Lynx and studying International Business. This is her first job in a commercial environment and she loves the buzz and great learning opportunities. While primarily managing all aspects of the organisation’s social media, Jillian has a significant role in upholding the Blue Lynx brand. She enjoys traveling (especially to Canada), shopping and driving her mum’s car!!


Content Writing & Digital Marketing

Vicky is our in-house content writer and as such, she's passionate about crafting compelling texts that tell a story through clever, timely, relevant and useful content. She studied Tourism & Events Management in Chester, England. In the meantime, she spent a year working and creating happiness at Disney World, Florida. Besides writing, Vicky loves travelling, long-distance running, mountain treks, photography, dancing and singing. You can often find her binge-watching “Friends” and petting street cats.

Grace, the Blue Lynx dog, also known as branch manager

Grace Spring Evans

Canine Branch Manager

Grace is apparently a Whipador dog, but the Blue Lynx Team just see her as their 4-legged furry colleague! She is at Blue Lynx every day in her capacity as Branch Manager. What does she do? She entertains, she takes siestas, she eats, and most importantly she gets petted when we are having one of those “I need a furry friend`` moments. Grace joined Blue Lynx a couple of years ago after being recruited from a dog rescue centre in Granada Spain. She shares her private downtime with Tina (CEO) – who is her butler & PA.