Blue Lynx: Reflecting, launching and expanding

By September 3, 2019 No Comments

Having celebrated our 31st Birthday this year, we reflect on both the successes and the sacrifices that brought us to this point.

In 2019, with team members both old and new, with digitalisation and globalisation in full force, we recognise the need to remain both competitive and current but also how important it is to never lose sight of our roots. Where and when it all began…The Hague, The Netherlands, 1988.

As years pass by, as our client and candidate base grows, as markets change, there are also trusted team members and long term client partnerships that have been carefully cultivated over time that remain and are cherished and respected to this day. We adapt, we learn, we develop, we expand, yet the one constant, the link that remains, is the people. People that work at Blue Lynx. People that work for Blue Lynx. People that apply at Blue Lynx. People that support Blue Lynx. People that service Blue Lynx. People that rely on and trust in Blue Lynx. People that partner with Blue Lynx. People that recommend Blue Lynx. It is you the people that make it work.

As we launch our new Blue Lynx Logo, our new Branding and expand our offices internationally, we have you the people to thank and to share in this momentous occasion. People were a part of Blue Lynx 31 years ago, and they remain very much a part of Blue Lynx today.

Remaining competitive and current is key, and this new Logo, new branding and international office expansion is an integral part of this strategy and of the sustainability and endurance of Blue Lynx. As we roll out this change it is important to embrace our history, recognise our mistakes, celebrate our success and ensure that you, people, are as much a part of Blue Lynx today and in the future, as you were in our past.

We celebrate and embrace the fact that it is you the people that make Blue Lynx work, it is the people who make Blue Lynx the successful, open, safe, equal opportunities, development focused and innovative company that it has been for the past 31 years.

We recognise this wholeheartedly and have recently incorporated this in our branding, slogan and logo – we are proud to shout this out – Our new slogan is ‘people make it work’. Thank you everyone who has been part of this journey and will continue to travel in our endeavors.