Logistics Jobs in the Netherlands

Are you looking for a logistics job in The Netherlands? Or in a related field such as supply chain, transport planning or procurement?

Logistics jobs in the netherlands: Logistics, transport and supply chain

Your next role in logistics, transport, supply chain, and related fields in The Netherlands awaits you.

Blue Lynx receives both junior and senior level opportunities related to the logistics industry in all parts of Holland, including Amsterdam, Eindhoven and The Hague. Logistics roles are appearing particularly frequently in the Rotterdam and Schiedam region, where Europe’s largest port is located.

We have guided many professionals to transfer their logistical experience from one sector to another. We have voiced our candidates’ potential to our clients and we have encouraged the development of their skills.


Your personal growth comes first at Blue Lynx, and we offer various kinds of support to prepare you for your new international opportunity, as well as finding logistics jobs in The Netherlands.

To view the current vacancies available in the logistics and supply chain related fields, please scroll to the bottom of this page. We also invite you to register your CV so that we can assist you further in your search for job opportunities in The Netherlands.

Examples of Roles and Industries related to Supply Chain and Logistics:

Procurement Managers, Planning Managers, Master Schedulers, Supply Chain Directors, Supply Chain Managers, Vendor Managers, Planners, Buyers, Inventory Controllers, Supply Chain Analysts, Warehouse Managers, Transport Managers, Logistics Managers, Expeditors, Transport Planners, Maritime Experts, Operations Managers

Current Logistics Jobs in the Netherlands:

Here is a list of current open logistics jobs in The Netherlands.

(Logistiek Vacatures)

Industries related to logistics and supply chain: Aviation, Maritime, Shipping, Dockyard, Postage, Delivery.

Are you looking to recruit logistics and supply chain professionals?

Many of our global clients advise us that it is the logistical and supply chain stakeholders who hold much of the power that determines the flow of wide scale business strategies and operations. If your business depends on some or all of the crucial economic steps in that process such as materials sourcing, product transportation right down through to market fulfillment, then Blue Lynx’s network of international candidates will add knowledge, value and competitive edge to your business’s complete logistical requirements. Please click here to learn more about why we would love to be your partner in finding the best talent for your organisation.

Are you looking to hire staff that do not currently have the right to work in the EU, then Blue Lynx can be your partner in helping to arrange that: from relocation support, to arranging work permits [dealing with the IND (immigration and naturalisation service)