Current Creative Job Vacancies

Find Your Place in the Dutch Creative Sector

With Amsterdam being a melting pot for creatives from all around the world, the Dutch creative industry is full of opportunities. If you are on a creative job search in the Netherlands, register with Blue Lynx and check our job board to discover career opportunities.

Amsterdam is not the only creative hub. The rest of the Randstad (like Utrecht, Rotterdam and The Hague) offers creative individuals career opportunities in some of the most innovative, trend-setting companies of our time. These are the international companies who are looking for people like you. Passionate individuals who can reinvent old into new and tell a captivating story through words, visuals or design.

Whether your dream is to work in advertising or you have an affinity for video production, you will also need some other skills to succeed in this highly-competitive industry. One of the top priorities for job seekers in the creative field is to develop a project portfolio. And of course, a good CV backed up by relevant experience.

Types of Creative Industry Jobs

Below are just some examples of what types of opportunities you can find as part of the world’s most innovative Tech & Entertainment giants, as well as the international mass media industry.

  • Creative Director
  • Graphics Designer
  • Producer
  • Animation Production Manager 
  • UX/UI Designer
  • Art Manager
  • Copywriters, Screenwriters, Copy Editors
  • Visual Storytellers
  • Illustrator
  • Sound Technology Specialist
  • Brand Manager

Looking to Hire Creatives?

Blue Lynx has the expertise and experience needed for the recruitment of hiring creative directors, designers, videographers and other field-experts. Not only do we handle the talent sourcing and the shortlisting of the candidates, but can also write a great job description that speaks to the best talent on the creative market.

Maybe you need a designer for a one-off project or a screenwriter on a permanent contract. We tailor our approach according to your needs. We sort and go through every creative job application we receive and present to you only the candidates that match your requirements.

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