Testimonials and Reviews of Blue Lynx

Here is a selection of Blue Lynx testimonials from our clients, contractors and candidates. This is a simple way to get an idea of how we work and who we are. Thank you to everyone who took the time to contribute to this page. You can also learn about the Blue Lynx team here


“I would like to thank Teodora and the Blue Lynx Team for making this year possible for me. Without your part and effort on it –which was so motivating and engaging–, it was not possible to accomplish those many things I did and to be part of what I wished to be at.”
Eduardo Maschio, Data Engineer, South Holland


“Blue Lynx has so far exceeded my expectations on what employment agencies can offer me. For my recruitment and benchmarking needs, Blue Lynx has shown to be able to deliver highly-tailored service and present candidates who have been especially hand-picked to suit the changes in my organisation. Everybody behind the agency is fantastic to work with, and has always been available to take the extra mile to assist.”
Blaise Francisco, Head of Billing and Customer Administration, The Hague


“The great thing about Arla and Dina is that they really care about their people. It is always easy to communicate with them and they are there when needed. Thank you very much!”
Lars van Beek, All-round Partner, Strategy & Programme Marketing Manager, Amsterdam


“Blue Lynx supported in a very last minute request to work abroad. In my meeting with Arla it became clear that Blue Lynx is willing and able to think outside the box to find a solution. Thank you, Blue Lynx!”
Tom Hölscher, Partner Marketing Manager, Amsterdam


“Blue Lynx is the second recruitment agency I have worked for in The Netherlands. I applied to a job offering on their website. My profile perfectly matched the position requirements and soon after I received a call from them. Within a few days, we arranged all formalities and I was invited for an interview at their office. They handled my candidacy with great respect and professionalism. Later I got the job.
Working with Blue Lynx as a contractor, I found it really easy and their team has been very professional, prompt and helpful. They always send reminders and I’ve never had problems with my payments. The HR team is very friendly and quickly responds to emails and calls. They have a personal approach which helps one feel part of the team. Overall I have a good experience with their services and I’m more than happy working with them.”
Eleonora Stoyanova, Temporary HR Assistant, The Hague


“It was a pleasure working with Teodora at Blue Lynx. She interviewed me to understand my background, experience and the type of position I was looking for. I was introduced to a role that was a close match to what I was looking for and Teodora was able to quickly arrange first and second interviews and move the process forward to a successful conclusion. The communication and feedback throughout the process were excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend working with Blue Lynx if you are a candidate looking for a job or a company searching for employees.”
Helen Kirton, Recruitment Consultant, Amsterdam


“My experience with Blue Lynx has been great; I had support since my first contact with the team advising me with my CV and interviews. In addition, by facilitating my first employment in The Netherlands, they help me with all legal and bureaucratic questions.”
Lucas Ferrari Granado Soares, Billing Analyst, The Hague


“Coming to Blue Lynx was the second best decision I have ever made, the first being my decision to move to the Netherlands from South Africa. I thought it would have been an absolute nightmare to find a job in a foreign country but in reality, it was the sweetest of dreams because I was on board with the Blue Lynx team. I had my first interview after being in contact with them after one day! If I ever need employment again there’s no doubt in my mind who I’d turn to.”
David Kennerley, Licensing Support Administrator, The Hague


“I was looking for a real employment agency when I looked through my contacts and found Blue Lynx. I knew from my other dealings they have the one trait other agencies don’t – they care about you.”
William Rumley, Database Manager, The Hague


“Blue Lynx’s personal approach makes you feel you’re well cared for and not like part of a transaction. They demonstrated valuing relationships and they’re there for you when you need help. Important logistical communications and processes were also spot-on/smooth and really helped me to focus on serving our client. Thank you, Blue Lynx! Cheers and thanks – Mitch.”
IT Team Lead, Amsterdam


“To the point, highly professional, and … good fun to work with. The Blue Lynx team brings in the magic when it comes to employer AND employee satisfaction. To me they are the perfect ‘dating company’ bringing opportunities and talent together!”
Tako Feron, Channel Marketing Manager, Amsterdam


“I had just moved to Holland after travelling and needed to get work straight away. I had applied for job after job. I had been in touch with a lot of different people and agencies and got nowhere – until the day I received an amazing call from Blue Lynx. Everything about the call excited me, the manner, the tone, the full attention, wanting to prepare me for the interview.
On the day of my prep interview, I met Teodora and Lisiane. They both helped me get ready for the interview. The experience was just wonderful! It was the best prep interview I had ever had. The ladies asked me basic questions, prepped me for the real thing. They just brought it all to a whole new level!!! They built my confidence and made me think about the best way to answer questions. I felt like I could have taken over the world after talking to them. After the prep interview I was leaving and the whole team was in the hall saying goodbye to the owner and the cutie dog. The energy in the room was beautiful, everyone had the biggest smile on their faces- the building was full of love I didn’t want to leave 🙂
I got into the lift with the owner…… not knowing she was the owner, we had the most wonderful conversation. The passion in her voice, how she wanted to help people and how she loved what she did. I truly looked up to her, she was happy in her workplace and what she had built. I knew this was the right recruitment agency, every single thing was meant to be. The owner said in passing “we recruit from the heart”, all I can say is: “yes they do!””
Ruth Brady, Warehouse Operative, Rotterdam


“We have been working with Blue Lynx for the past 8 years and Blue Lynx has contributed significantly to the formation of our talent pool, culture and office dynamics. We value Chrysanthi’s personable and creative approach, hard work and time spent on finding and screening all the candidates. She has made sure that she thoroughly understands our culture and what is needed to be successful in our firm and has shown that by placing a large number of successful candidates with our company.”
Recruiter, Consultancy firm


“Dear Arla and Blue Lynx team,
I would like to say thank you for the last six months of cooperation. Thank you for taking good care of my finances and always being supportive. It has been a great time working with you. Blue Lynx will always stay in my memory as the number one agency with its wonderful team and professional approach. I wish you all the best. Have a good day!”
Jonasz Piechowski, Warehouse Operative


“Right from the first phone call, I knew something good was in the air! Blue Lynx was different from the other agencies I had experienced. They were so welcoming and eager to guide and cheer me through. Thank you, Blue Lynx, for the ‘lynx’ to Marlink”.
Dora Birago, Logistics Coordinator, Satellite Organisation


“As soon as I spoke with Smaragda I truly felt she was the best person to land me my dream job. With her support, sure enough, I landed this awesome role at Atlassian within a week. Thank you so much, Blue Lynxers!”
Daniel, Cloud Support Engineer, Amsterdam


“From my first contact with Blue Lynx it has been a fantastic journey. They provided experienced coaching in preparation for my first interview and the amazing support has not ceased throughout these couple of years. The team’s constant communication, friendliness and openness has definitely made working with Blue Lynx a wonderful experience.”
Josh Dreves, Business Analyst and Operations, WE Dynamics Area BG Team


“We are using Blue Lynx as our only recruitment agency since 2012. This is because they always manage to find the right persons for us. The staff are very professional and friendly, but there is also time for some humour. The social contact is very important for me in a business relationship. We are a small company handling the outsourced worldwide distribution of spare parts for the Grundfos Group. And at this moment 6 out of the team of 10 have been hired through Blue Lynx.”
Rein Boer, Manager HR & Business Support, Almere