Martin van Tilburg – Creative Director | (3D) Designer – Amsterdam

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Teodora as a candidate where she was actively searching for job openings that fit my experience. I’ve been impressed with her professionalism and her knowledge in regard to the recruitment process. She was very transparent during the entire process, providing me with new information and updating me whenever she could.

On a more personal note, she was very kind, easy to talk to and just a very friendly spirit in general. I’ve dealt with various recruiters over the years, but this is the first recommendation that I am writing. Thanks, Teodora! If I ever need a new job, I will call you!

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Rein Boer – Manager HR & Business Support – Almere

We are using Blue Lynx as our only recruitment agency for some years now (2012). This is because they always manage(d) to find the right persons for us. The staff (ladies) is (are) very professional and friendly, but there is also time for some humour. The social contact is very important for me in a business relationship. We are a small company handling the (outsourced) worldwide distribution of spare parts for the Grundfos Group.

And at this moment 6 out of the team of 10 have been hired through Blue Lynx

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Jonasz Piechowski, Warehouse Operative

Dear Arla and Blue Lynx team,
I would like to also say thank you for the last six months of cooperation. Thank you for taking good care of my finances and always being supportive. It has been a great time working with you. Blue Lynx will always stay in my memory as the number one agency with its wonderful team and professional approach. I wish you all the best. Have a good day!

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Recruiter, Consultancy firm

We have been working with Blue Lynx for the past 8 years and Blue Lynx has contributed significantly in the formation of our talent pool, culture and office dynamics. We value Chrysanthi’s personable and creative approach, hard work and time spent on finding and screening all the candidates. She has made sure that she thoroughly understands our culture and what is needed to be successful in our firm and has shown that by placing a large number of successful candidates with our company.

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Ruth Brady, Warehouse Operative

I had just moved to Holland after travelling and needed to get work straight away. I had applied for job after job. I had been in touch with a lot of different people and agencies and got nowhere – until the day I received an amazing call from Blue Lynx. Everything about the call excited me, the manner, the tone, the full attention, wanting to prepare me for the interview…

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IT Team Lead

Blue Lynx’s personal approach makes you feel you’re well cared for and not like part of a transaction. They demonstrated valuing relationships and they’re there for you when you need help. Important logistical communications and processes were also spot-on/smooth and really helped me to focus on serving our client. Thank you Blue Lynx! Cheers and thanks, Mitch.

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