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Contracting (Uitzenden) by Blue Lynx

Looking for an easy solution to having a more flexible workforce? Contracting (called uitzenden in the Netherlands) is a hiring practice that allows businesses to employ people through an agency. In this case, the contingent worker is called a contractor. Blue Lynx employs the contractor but they work for you. Businesses choose contracting because it reduces staffing costs, increases flexibility, includes HR management and salary administration and saves you time.

What Does the Service Include?

Our contracting services allow you to hire a candidate through Blue Lynx in one of the three main phases A, B or C. By doing so, you are entrusting us with the administration and management of activities such as timesheets and reporting, payrolling, onboarding and offboarding. Blue Lynx becomes the legal employer and salary provider for the employee while they are working for your business under your management. 

Phase A – specific temporary agency workers labour contract (temporary worker)

Phase B – fixed-term labour contract for agency workers (project-based employee)

Phase C –  open-ended labour contract for agency workers (permanent employee)

Why Choose Blue Lynx?




The Advantages of Contracting


Hire highly-qualified talent on your terms

A common misconception about staff contracting is that it is mainly good for hiring seasonal low-skilled workers. While this could be the case for your company, it could be quite the contrary. Most of our contractors at Blue Lynx are highly-qualified and experienced international professionals working for Fortune 500+ companies, NGO’s, start-ups and middle to large organisations.


Abide by all legal requirements with ease

As a contracting agency (uitzendbureau), Blue Lynx’s activities fall under the  Collective Labour Agreement for Temporary Workers, known as ABU CLA for the Netherlands. Every company employing temporary staff is legally bound to this legislation and anything outside of its ruling is a breach of the Dutch Law. Blue Lynx takes care of all the legal side of employment. Our HR experts will educate and guide through every step of the hiring process and beyond. 


Reduce costs with a flexible workforce

Staff up or down easily in response to business fluctuations, protecting your permanent workforce and controlling costs. With Blue Lynx on your team, it’s easy to reduce the costs in hiring, benefits, retirement, taxes and long-term compensation. Moreover, as an IND covenant holder, we can employ non-EU skilled workers and manage the whole application process to arrange work permits. 


Tailor our contracting services to your needs

Blue Lynx’s temporary staffing solutions let you adjust your staffing size and budget to fit your workload and boost productivity. We make it possible for successful businesses to keep expanding their potential. Through our international network, we have access to a pool of talent in a wide variety of disciplines. We work to build an in-depth understanding of your objectives to effectively match our candidates to your needs.


Get support from our staff at every step of the way 

Our team’s customer service and support are unbeatable. So, business clients love our processes because they are seamless. We make your life easy with the all-round HR expertise that you need. Here to answer your questions in a timely manner, Blue Lynx specialists quickly build an exceptional relationship with every client.



Now that you know what contracting is, you probably want to get an idea of how much it would cost your business. We work with monthly time registration. This streamlines the whole timekeeping, invoicing and bookkeeping process.


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