International IT Jobs in the Netherlands

Are you an experienced IT professional or someone who has a strong interest and curiosity in new technologies and wants to make a career in IT? Or perhaps you recently graduated and are starting out your career ladded. Either way, Blue Lynx would love to assist you in finding your next IT job that is perfect for you.

Our clients offer a variety of vacancies in: Helpdesk and Customer Support, Software Development and Engineering, Security, Application development, DevOps, Project and Product Management and many more.

The industry is growing and new technologies are popping out every minute. Everything is in the Cloud and Open Source Technology is available. Build, develop, design, integrate, migrate, secure and troubleshoot hi-tech platforms, interesting products, software, hardware and network solutions for everyone. SaaS and Telecommunications, Financial solutions, Oil & Gas and Cybersecurity are only few of the fields that our clients specialize and can offer you great job opportunities.

Blue Lynx receives both junior and senior level opportunities related in the IT industry in all parts of Holland, including Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Rotterdam and The Hague.

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Your next role in IT in the Netherlands awaits you.

To view the current vacancies available in the IT field, please see below. We also invite you to register your CV so that we can assist you further in your search for job opportunities in The Netherlands.

The Dutch Digital Economy is booming

According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Information Technology Reportthe Netherlands is in the top ten in the world in terms of Networked Readiness, which means that the Netherlands is a great place to work in the Information and Communication Technology industry.

Current IT Jobs in the Netherlands

Here below is  a list of the current IT vacancies that are open. Most IT jobs in the Netherlands do not require, Dutch – English is often all you need. However, English combined with another language is highly desirable in the Dutch market.

Are you looking to recruit IT and Software professionals in the Netherlands?

Find IT Jobs in The Netherlands with Blue LynxTechnology is continuously reshaping how recruitment works. Whether you are a business with a high IT concentration, or an IT company needing the most ‘clued in’ talent, our resources are there to source, reroute and connect your IT personnel & talent.

As diverse and innovative as the very technology that you work with, we watch out for your next step of career change and its evolution. Too often IT talent is boxed & packaged based on hard skills alone; very often the soft skills and personal angles of the candidate are overlooked. We see the skills, value the person and represent your genuine interest focusing on you as a complete individual.

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Examples of IT roles we recruit for in the Netherlands:

IT Managers, IT Directors, Program Managers, Development Managers, Project Managers, Software Developers, Database Developers, Systems Administrators, Database Administrators, Web Designers, Graphic Designers, Technical Support (all lines), Technical Trainers, Game developers, App developers, Back-end developers, Front-end developers, and more.