Meet the Blue Lynx Team

Welcome! Allow us to introduce our lovely team members at Blue Lynx. We are exactly what you see – a colourful mixture of recruiters, HR & Finance specialists, sales experts and marketers. And last but not least, Grace, our four-legged Branch Manager.

Image of Tina - CEO at Blue Lynx



Tina is an expert in talent acquisition. She is a natural innovator and well known for her formidable business savvy. After 30 years of doing business in The Netherlands, Tina ‘gets’ how to get things done and is a consistent source of knowledge and inspiration for her team and clients alike. She is also a walking repository of brilliant HR anecdotes.

Most impressively, Tina has raised a stunning son and the world’s most energetic dog (aka the Blue Lynx Barketing Manager) and she's currently busy opening Blue Lynx offices around the globe. Her warmth and energy light up the room and she loves nothing more than a good laugh with close friends.

Image of Toine - CCO at Blue Lynx


Interim CEO

Toine has over 20 years of commercial experience in a wide variety of branches. His work made him travel the world and do business in different cultures. Toine lives in The Netherlands but travels to Bulgaria often to meet with the teams, clients and the local restaurants in Sofia and Varna. He joined the team to support Blue Lynx during the phase of rapid international expansion. Building international organizations and sales teams is his passion. He calls himself “Doctor Tony” when it comes to finding solutions to difficult challenges. Toine can think 7 steps ahead and speaks Dutch, English, German and is learning Spanish. He loves the good team vibe within Blue Lynx and never misses the team parties. Toine loves his classic motorcycle, playing the piano, singing karaoke and cooking for his family and close friends.


Commercial Director

Meet Teodora, a dynamic professional who began her career journey at Blue Lynx as an eager intern in 2015. With a passion for recruitment and a talent for matching job seekers with their ideal positions, Teodora quickly rose through the ranks. Starting as a Recruitment Manager, she is now a Commercial Director, leading our company with dedication, expertise, and enthusiasm.
Beyond her professional accomplishments, Teodora loves travelling and spending time with her family and loved ones. A leader in business and an adventurer in her personal life, Teodora embodies positivity in all she does.


Senior Workforce Manager

After two and a half year break from Blue Lynx, Ernesto has returned to once again be part of the Blue Lynx family as he believes the vibe, the great teamwork, the opportunity to grow, learn and make a positive difference are truly captivating.
Ernesto is a work-hard, play-hard individual. He's known for going the extra mile for his colleagues, friends and loved ones. He's easy-going and friendly but also totally target-driven in his work. He likes unwinding and celebrating the company's success with a drink with colleagues at the end of the week. His hobbies include BBQ-ing, crafting model boats, and hunting down the best designer clothes at the best price!


Senior Business Manager & Data Protection Officer

Tisha is experienced in Sales and Administration and her journey at Blue Lynx started back in 2019.
Driven by the dedication to help people, she takes pride in empowering her colleagues and supporting multiple departments with various tasks.
In addition to her primary job functions, Tisha has been recognized by her co-workers for her extraordinary commitment to Excel spreadsheets, coffee and craft beer.


Finance Manager

Radina is the Finance Manager at Blue Lynx and loves helping people getting their numbers straight. To. The. Cent. This has been her main focus since 2014 while working in the finance field for the Australian and the UK markets. She's a person with a strong sense of responsibility and is always happy to be of help. The light form of OCD and love for accuracy only add up to her character and help her grow in the world of numbers and excel sheets.
Radina loves dancing and listening to music. It might not show every time, but she always has a song in her head. Going to rock concerts or dance festivals is always fun. Her other hobbies include travelling, going to the beach, hiking and camping. In the not so good weather, she loves being with her friends, playing charades and having a laugh.


Leasing Manager

With a decade of HR and project management experience, Ivelin manages the contracting team in Bulgaria. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Corporate Economics and Business Management, he also advises stakeholders on HR policies. Previously excelling as a Senior Consultant and Project Manager, he showcased strong HR consulting, project management, and communication skills. Passionate about aiding individuals and organizations, he prioritizes diversity, collaboration, and innovation.


Senior Executive Search Recruitment Consultant

Ivan graduated from the University of Essex with a bachelor's in Business Marketing and Management going home to Bulgaria he discovered the world of Executive Search. His ability for complex problem-solving and “go-getter” mentality exposed him to Senior Executive roles in automotive, plastics, nuclear energy, oil and gas, chemicals, performance materials, scientific instrumentation, and others on a global scale. He has developed quickly as a competent negotiator and storyteller leveraging his experience in the creation of new approaches to the industry. As a Senior Executive Search Consultant at BlueLynx Ivan is working with our team on creating a new approach to executive search. Ivan devotes his free time to reading, writing, and downhill biking when things get too stale.

Image of Aneliya - Recruitment & IT Support & Researcher at Blue Lynx


Recruitment Operations Team Lead & Office Manager & IT Support

Aneliya is always happy to support and assist, bringing years of administrative management knowledge and experience working in a multi-cultural environment. Vibrant, committed, self-driven and disciplined, she manages all business fundamentals with enthusiasm, expertise and dedication ensuring office operations run effectively and efficiently. She loves helping people, developing projects and DIY things.


Senior Recruitment Consultant & Team Lead

Yordan is a results-driven and a distinguished team player who has been a professional athlete for over 10 years while pursuing one Bachelor and two Master Degrees, one of which in The Netherlands. After finishing his studies, he joined the team of Blue Lynx with passion and ambition to connect talented people with the right opportunities. With previous experience in HR and Recruitment, he is one of our motivated Recruitment Consultants on board. He is passionate, aspiring and determined and is greatly interested in different cultures, exploring the world with his family and is speaking four languages. Yordan is passionate for healthy living, sports and leading people towards their better selves. His biggest strengths are his thoughtfulness, attention to detail and his ability to understand others. Outside of the workplace, you can find him reading a book or playing sports.
Three words to describe him:
#mindfulness, #explorer, #sportlover


Senior Recruitment Consultant & Contingent Worker Specialist

Silviya joined Blue Lynx in 2019 and is currently one of our Senior Recruitment Consultants. She has been living and working in the Hague for many years, which gave her valuable insight into the Dutch culture. Having recently relocated back to Bulgaria, she is now part of the Sofia team and is focused on recruitment projects for the whole European market. Apart from talent acquisition, she is also consulting clients on contracting services for the Dutch market. Silviya’s main goal is to make the recruitment process for candidates easy and enjoyable, and to support hiring managers in building successful teams. Outside of the office, Silviya loves travelling, baking and chocolate.


Team Lead & Senior Recruiter

Andrea, a passionate recruitment consultant, is dedicated to connecting exceptional talent with the right opportunities. With a background in leadership and recruitment, she thrives on teamwork and supporting career growth. Her positive mindset and love for challenges lead her to believe that every obstacle is an opportunity for growth. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling, experiencing new cultures, and spending time with her family and friends.


Recruitment Consultant

Monika has worked in the human resource/recruitment industry for 5 years. The main reason to start her professional development in recruiting is that she loves meeting new people and she believes that you can learn something new from every person you meet. As a Recruitment Consultant, she is passionate about assisting the business to choose the best addition to their team and at the same time helping people start or develop their career path. Outside of the office, Monika enjoys sports, good movies and lovely dinners with her family, friends and colleagues.

Gabriela D.

Senior IT Recruitment Consultant

Gabriela has a Master’s degree in HR Management and started working in the HR and Recruitment field 4 years ago. She has experience mainly in IT recruitment, as well as in finance, and she joined Blue Lynx as a Senior IT Recruiter. With the experience Gabi has gained in recruitment, she brings a well-rounded perspective to talent management, training and development. Her passion lies in helping professionals unlock their full potential while meeting the evolving demands of the IT industry. Outside of work, she likes to go to her folklore dance practice and travel as much as she can.


Senior Recruitment Consultant

Prolet entered the field of Recruitment over 10 years ago, and since then, she has developed a range of diverse interests. She finds joy in exploring the intricacies of psychology, enjoying nature's beauty, and cherishing quality time with friends and family. She believes in infusing passion and purpose into everything she does, striving for excellence while fostering meaningful connections along the way.
#WantToLearnEverything #WantToHelpEveryone #LaughLover


Recruitment Consultant

Kalcho is a seasoned recruitment specialist at Blue Lynx. With a passion for connecting talented individuals with the right opportunities, Kalcho excels in finding the perfect fit for both candidates and clients. With an extensive background in recruitment, Kalcho has mastered the art of identifying exceptional talent and building successful professional relationships.

Kalcho is dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and he adheres to a mostly vegetarian diet. He believes in the power of nourishing his body with wholesome plant-based foods, promoting both physical and mental well-being. Additionally, he is a regular visitor to the gym, where he channels his determination and discipline into staying fit and maintaining a strong physique.

With his diverse range of interests and a genuine zest for life, Kalcho brings vibrant and dynamic energy to any setting. His warm and engaging personality makes him a cherished friend, and he cherishes moments filled with laughter and good company.


Recruitment Consultant

Kristina holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology with a currently ongoing Master's in Consultative Psychology. She has the natural desire to build knowledge. Her mind is always looking for connections—between ideas and between people. The more she can learn about them, the more connections she`s able to make. Her strengths are her analytical approach, human touch to the situations and the appreciable communication. Krisi enjoys spending time with friends, reading books and travelling.


Recruitment Consultant

Veronika joined our team as a recruitment consultant. She was born and raised in the beautiful town of Sliven. She is currently studying National Security while spotting talents with ninja-like precision and analyzing resumes with top-secret scrutiny. She is the go-to friend when it comes to advice and empathy. Veronika is interested in Psychology and welcomes every new opportunity to meet new people. Outside of work her favorite activities are volunteering at the local animal shelter, discovering hidden treasures of Bulgaria and reading books about personal development.
#yestheory #explorer #doglover

Image of Aleksandrina - Recruitment Consultant at Blue Lynx


Recruitment Consultant

Aleks has worked in the Recruitment industry for more than 4 years, gaining experience in coordinating and delivering excellent services to mainly Dutch clients. While obtaining her Bachelor degree at IBMS in the Netherlands, she has studied and worked in Mexico and Canary Islands. She has a very curious personality and “can do” attitude, loves exploring and learning new things. Aleks is a social butterfly, has a passion for travelling and is greatly interested in languages, cultures, customs and cuisines. She speaks several languages and is eager to learn more.

Image of Kalina - Recruitment Consultant at Blue Lynx


Recruitment Consultant

Kalina joined the Blue Lynx team as a Recruitment Consultant.
After living and obtaining her Bachelor`s degree in the sphere of Human Resources and Business Management in London she decided to come back to Bulgaria and with pleasure to put all her knowledge into experience. She spent the majority of her career in the HR sphere, gaining experience in the area of Selection and Recruitment. Her passion is to help people and to provide the best service.
Kalina likes travelling and building relations with different types of people. She also loves spending her free time with her family.


Senior Talent Sourcer

Gabby joined the Blue Lynx team as a Talent Sourcer with Bachelor's degree in Tourism and a Master's in HR management.
After her high school graduation, she decided to work and travel in the United States for three summers. She has experience in the Customer Service and Sales industry. Gabby is known for her outgoing personality, positive attitude and ability to understand others. Outside of the office, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, loves visiting new places and simply adores cats.


Talent Sourcer

Tanya loves to travel and explore new places while also having a keen interest in psychology and reading books. Travelling allows her to discover more about herself and the world, while psychology helps her understand people better. Reading books is a favorite pastime of Tanya, as it broadens her horizons and provides valuable insights.


Recruiter & Talent Sourcer

Martin brings a unique blend of passion and expertise to our sourcing team. While he may not have initially come from a recruitment background, his enthusiasm for his role at Blue Lynx is indisputable. With knowledge of sociology and human sciences, Martin offers a deep understanding of human dynamics in the recruitment process. Beyond his work, Martin is a passionate advocate for the NGO sector, serving as a social media coordinator for ESN. An enthusiast for Erasmus exchanges who thrives on embracing diverse cultures and international experiences. He is also a musician who finds solace and inspiration in music, and he shares his home with a cute black kitten named Remy. When not in the office, Martin can often be found embarking on exciting hikes or enjoying social weekends out.


Talent Sourcer

Sechil graduated from the University of Management with a bachelor's in Marketing and Management and has diverse global experience. Outside of work, she loves reading and traveling, having visited over 30 countries across 6 continents, yet she cherishes her home country the most. Sechil enjoys meeting new people and experiencing new cultures, spending time with family and friends in Bulgaria. Her enthusiasm, positivity, and can-do attitude have led her to her current role as a Talent Sourcer at Blue Lynx.


Talent Sourcer

Ivanka started her career in Blue Lynx as Talent Sourcing Support. She gained most of her experience working in the Oil and gas industry as a Quality Specialist. Vanya has a keen eye for detail and is inspired by challenges and never intimidated by them. Outside of the office, she likes to spend her free time hiking with friends and family. Her undying love for bunnies, dogs, and a good day at the beach are just a few of her favourite things.


Recruitment Consultant Leasing

With a Bachelor in International Economic Relations and a Master of Business Informatics, Tyurkyan is the first leap-year-born employee in Blue Lynx. However, she has gained a broad experience in administration and personal assistant roles in multinational companies for more than 12 years. As a protagonist, she decides to drive the action to help others get their dream job. She is always smiling, happy to help, sincere and precise in her work She believes in karma and that everything happens for a reason. A proud mother of 2 daughters and a happy spouse, she likes to spend time with her family and friends, read or watch movies.


Recruitment Consultant Leasing

Mariya comes into Blue Lynx with years of experience in her position, coming from a different industry. She loves communicating with people from different backgrounds and cultures. She also believes that every person has a story and you can learn a lot from each one of them.
#ChallengeSeeker: Loves to use her experience, logic, creativity and persistence to find the best resolution to every issue that stands in her way.
#NewLanguageLearner: After a lifetime of learning German, she continued with Spanish, reaching B1 level, so it is now time for a new challenge!
#Hobbies: She is a big Pilates fan, loves dancing and meeting friends and family.


HR Generalist & Contingent Workforce Specialist

Lena joined the Blue Lynx Team as a People Operation’s Assistant. She has grown up in the UK and gained valued experience within the customer service sector for the last 6 years. This has helped her establish her love for helping and guiding people. There is no challenge that is too hard for her and cannot be solved with a bit of patience and the right mindset. She considers herself a team player and is always up for learning and improving her skills. Lena loves all animals, but can hands down say that chickens and cats are her favourite. When she is not working, her hobbies include reading, spending time with friends, travelling and experiencing new cities and cultures.


HR Generalist

Veneta is a pedagogy graduate with a Master's degree in Pre-school and Primary School education. She is in the HR Department of BlueLynx and loves to help people and support the employees and her colleagues. She has worked in the Human Resource sector for the last year and a half including international companies in Seafarer’s recruitment sector.
Outside of the office, one of Veneta’s favourite things to do is to read novels and travel as often as possible.
She is a team player and always ready to help. She loves to work with people all over the world and is always ready for new challenges in her career.


Finance Assistant

Dilyana is a valued member of the Finance Department, bringing with her expertise in accounts payable and payment processes. She is known for her dedication to accuracy, fairness, and ensuring that every task is completed to the highest standard. Her unwavering support and loyalty make her someone you can always rely on. Outside of work, Dilyana cherishes spending time with her family, as they are an integral part of her life.
#LoyalTeammate #DedicatedWorker #FamilyFirst



Greitys can only be described as one of our guardian angels: she makes sure everyone has what they need and she’s a pretty resourceful person. She has a great sense of humour and welcomes all team members to the office with a big smile and a nice joke (and why not, the best “arepas” ever). Greitys is also an amazing dancer and a big lover of going out with her family and friends in her spare time.


Marketing Manager

Damyan is a performance-driven marketing strategist with over 12 years of experience spanning various industries who has a proven track record in customer acquisition, retention and project management. Professionally, he is known for his exceptional attention to detail, strong communication skills, and ability to work effectively in cross-functional teams.
As an avid outdoor enthusiast with a passion for nature and sports, Damyan enjoys spending his free time hiking through scenic trails and riding his gravel bike. This combination of outdoor passion and professional prowess defines his vibrant and dynamic lifestyle.

Image of Maya - Digital Marketer at Blue Lynx


Team Coordinator Digital Marketing

Maya joined the Blue Lynx Team to help communicate company messages across the sea of media channels. With a solid education in Informatics and a true passion for Marketing, she seamlessly merged the two into a Digital Marketing career. Maya has an eye for detail and likes to add a personal touch to everything she does. The Blue Lynx family won her over with their ``by the people for the people`` business attitude. Being a mom has unfolded her caring and helpful personality. She is now looking to help people advance in their personal development and bring out their best. To balance off the digital job, Maya enjoys off-grid activities like bread making, crafting, gardening, and puzzle-solving.


Content Writing & Digital Marketing

Vicky, our content writer at Blue Lynx, channels her passion for storytelling into crafting content for all marketing platforms. She holds a Tourism & Events Management degree, highlighted by a year-long internship at Disney World, Florida. As a mom of a wild toddler and а much tamer Calico cat, Vicky is successfully balancing motherhood with her career. In her spare time, she likes reading, gaming, travelling, running, and unwinding in cozy coffee shops. #BoyMama #CatLover #CreativeSpirit


PPC Specialist / Digital Marketeer

Petar joined the Marketing team as a PPC Specialist. He started his digital marketing journey 10 years ago as a local SEO specialist and switched teams 5 years later when he started exploring the PPC world. He’s passionate about advertising platforms, how they work and help businesses reach their goals. He also likes to play with numbers, dig deeply into generated campaigns’ data and test out different strategies.
Petar is a proud father of 2 boys and has a dwarf rabbit. Outside the workplace, he loves spending time with the kids, enjoys listening to electronic music, playing table tennis, running, and watching matches of his favorite football team AC Milan. Last but not least, Peter is a huge fan of the all-time classic Twin Peaks. ∆∆ #TheCampaignsAreNotWhatTheySeem
#MarketingAllRounder #RunningEnthusiast #TwinPeaksFan


Sales Manager

Hristiyan joined the Blue Lynx Team as a Talent Sourcer and was soon promoted to Sales Manager. He was born and raised in the small town of Targovishte Bulgaria.
After his high school graduation, he decided to go and work for the first
summer in the city of Varna as a waiter. After that he moved to Spain,
where he worked as a cook. Then he returned to Bulgaria and gained more than 2 years
of experience in sales. He considers himself a team player, loves challenges
and most of all, he loves to put a smile on someone’s face.

Georgi K.

Recruitment Support & Researcher & IT Support

Georgi has a bachelor's degree in Psychology. He has started 2 big companies from ground zero, then he sold them and now they are very successful, which, as he says is ''knowledge that you can't learn from others''. He has also worked as a probation officer dealing with a lot of different people helping them achieve a higher quality of life. His aim is to find the best match for companies and the best work-oriented environment for candidates.
In his free time, he likes to go for a walk and explore different cities and countries, reading books, cooking, spending time at the beach or with his family and friends.

Image of Grace - Canine Branch Manager at Blue Lynx

Grace Spring Evans

Barketing Manager

Grace is apparently a Whipador dog, but the Blue Lynx Team just see her as their 4-legged furry colleague! She is at Blue Lynx every day in her capacity as Barketing Manager. What does she do? She entertains, she takes siestas, she eats, and most importantly she gets petted when we are having one of those “I need a furry friend`` moments. Grace joined Blue Lynx a couple of years ago after being recruited from a dog rescue centre in Granada Spain. She shares her private downtime with Tina (CEO) – who is her butler & PA.

Kiril Samarov

Canine Security Officer

Kiril (also known as Kircho) is a German Spitz and the Blue Lynx security officer. Don't let his small size and cute, furry face fool you - Kircho is absolutely fearless and very protective of his owner Kristina. He is loyal and loud, barking at anyone who stands in his way. Outside the office, Kircho is a friendly and playful dog - especially after a long walk or a good meal.

Bunny Stefanov

CSO (Chief Snack Officer)

Meet Bunny - a bundle of joy and boundless appetite! Always ready for playtime and eager to savor any treat that crosses its path, this charming fluffy ball is a delightful mix of playfulness and curiosity, wrapped up in a tiny and irresistible package.

Kari Danislavova

Head of Security and Belly Rubs

Kari is a mix between a Kangal and Bulgarian shepherd's dog. She likes to bark at everything that moves, especially airplanes. When she is tired of keeping people safe from non-existent threats, she takes on her responsibilities as Belly Rubs Officer and waits to be rewarded for her good work.