Business Development and Sales Jobs in the Netherlands

If you want to put your persuasion and negotiation skills at work towards helping a company achieve its vision, then you were born to work in sales. If you don’t get stressed easily and talking to people is your second nature, one of our multilingual vacancies in Business Development & Sales could be the dream job you are looking for.

Sales Vacatures & Plenty of Career Opportunities

No matter the size of a company, Sales is bound to be among its most important departments. You will be part of the people making a direct profit for the business. If that’s not exciting enough, think of the career growth possibilities. Jobs in this discipline come with great potential for further development. Imagine making your way up to a Business Development Manager or a Sales Director – both among the best paying jobs in the Netherlands.

Examples of Roles Within Business Development & Sales

  • Sales Professionals
  • Sales Managers
  • Regional Sales
  • Sales Representatives
  • Telesales Staff
  • Inside Sales Representatives
  • Account Managers
  • Telesales
  • Category Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Account Managers
  • Account Executives
  • Business Developers

Whatever the job title, sales positions involve much more than selling. As a business developer/salesperson, your job description will require supporting skills, such as research, active listening, attention to detail, good product knowledge and more. That’s why you should not be fooled sales jobs are only for extroverts or a specific type of people. It’s a whole skill package you will need. Are you up for the challenge?

Landing a Sales Job Made Easy With Blue Lynx

We know you can talk that talk and walk that walk of being a great salesperson. You understand  KPIs, you are ready to work towards achieving them. You know how to convert leads into loyal customers. Now, employers need to know that too. We can guide your way to a job that you will actually feel good in. Our clients are prestigious companies of all sizes and we ensure they are employers worth yours and our trust. 

Looking for Your Next Business Development Manager or Sales Director?

Blue Lynx is an expert at interim recruitment solutions and in our role of matchmakers, we will find the multilingual internationals that your organisation needs. As part of your Sales Rep team, you want to hire people who are both a culture fit for your organisation and have outstanding personal skills. We are the link to the best talent in the Netherlands and abroad.

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