Work permits for skilled workers in the Netherlands

Do you need to contract a highly skilled Non-EU citizen for a project?  No problem

We have IND knowledge migrant status. This means that when your organisation needs to hire a non-EU highly skilled person we can provide a complete service:

  • Employ the non-EU skilled migrant and contract them to your organisation
  • Provide an excellent HR service including employment contracts, timesheets, sick and vacation administration plus a lot more HR Services
  • Arrange the required work permit via the IND
  • When you hold the IND status  we can also arrange a work permit for all your new  non-EU citizen hires

We understand what it takes to be an expat – most of us are expats ourselves. That’s why our business includes Blue Lynx HR Services and we can connect you with our trusted network of Expat Service providers.

For help and advice contact and for all our HR services in the Netherland here you find more information.

IND salary minimum requirements for 2019

Work permit type Age Gross 2019 salary
excluding mandatory 8% holiday allowance
Highly Skilled Migrants (or ICT) 30 years old and above €4,500.00
Highly Skilled Migrants (or ICT) under 30 years old €3,299.00
Highly Skilled Migrants (or ICT) recently graduated €2,364.00
European Blue Card €5,272.00

NOTE: The salaries are excluding a mandatory holiday allowance of 8%

Want to be a Knowledge Migrant / Skilled Worker in the Netherlands:

  • We manage IND knowledge migrant application processes from beginning to end. Advising you on all aspects of the application.
  • We employ non-EU citizens on request of our clients and second them to organisations.
  • We  manage and are responsible for all HR related requirements including social premium and income tax payments, HR administration and all other mandatory Dutch requirements
  • Working as a contractor via Blue Lynx is a good position to be in. Our HR back-office services are excellent. We hold a NEN certificate 4400-1 click here which means an external auditor certifies that we are excellent at managing your HR files including your employment contract, leave and sick administration etc., the payment of social premiums and taxes in an accurate and timely manner and far more

Every non-EU citizen who wants to work in the Netherlands has to obtain a valid work permit. Either the employee or their prospective employer may request the permit, although it is usually the employer who makes the request.

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Non EU skilled workers during their induction day

Want to work in the Netherlands as a highly skilled non-EU citizen

When you are a highly skilled non-EU citizen who wants to work in the Netherlands you will require a work permit. To obtain a work permit when you are a highly skilled person you need to have a sponsor company. By default, this is your prospective employer.  However, your employer must have the right to employ non-EU citizens. When they do have the IND knowledge migrant covenant then they cannot employ you directly. In this instance, your employer could use a contracting agency with the IND knowledge migrant covenant. Blue Lynx has this status.


Do you need a Dutch work permit to work in the Netherlands

Citizens from within the EU, the EEA (the EU plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) or Switzerland do not need a  residence or work permit.  Croatia will not have full freedom of movement until 2020. Send us an email when you have an inquiry either as a knowledge or an employer who needs to employ non-EU skilled workers



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