HR Forms & Explanations

Important Announcement

Dear Blue Lynx Contractors and Employees,

We are excited to announce our transition to Nmbrs, our new HRM and Payroll system. Nmbrs is an easy-to-navigate online platform, which will allow you to:

  • access your monthly salary statement(s) and annual salary statement(s)
  • access your annual leave balance
  • request your annual leave

Nmbrs is easy to use and GDPR-compliant. Our Back Office team will continue to be in touch with you regarding the transition and will keep you up to speed with any important information, instructions and deadlines.

At Blue Lynx, our main goal is to make things as smooth and as easy as possible for the entire Blue Lynx Team. We are confident that that the move to Nmbrs, as well as working alongside our new payroll provider Smit & de Wolf, are the steps to a more user-friendly and efficient system and process, benefitting everyone.

Expense Claim


User Manual For Nmbrs

* Recommended browsers are: Internet Explorer or FireFox

Example: timesheet

Please use these forms and view the explanations when necessary. When you have a question or query, contact HR for assistance at +31 (0)70 311 78 28 or this contact form.