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5 mistakes to avoid in your LinkedIn profile

5 mistakes to avoid in your LinkedIn profile

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Tip #1: Missing the Аbout section Your title and the first two lines of your summary section will be the first things readers see. Adding a summary of your experience,…

How to stand out on LinkedIn: 5 tips

How to stand out on LinkedIn: 5 tips from a Talent Sourcer

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Based on the latest research, over 80% of employers claim that employee referrals offer optimal candidate quality and are decidedly more cost-efficient. Still, according to a LinkedIn report, over 77%…

Make the Perfect Curriculum Vitae: Design your CV like a Pro and Land Your Dream Job

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In order to own the perfect CV, you must focus on several strategical points, which for sure include distinctive design, nice layout, well-structured and organised content and don’t forget to…

Exit Interviews: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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Here’s a situation: one beautiful morning, an employee hands over their resignation letter. Maybe you saw it coming, and maybe you didn’t. It’s perfectly normal to start questioning why –…

5 Productivity Tips: How to Make the Most of Your Workday

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“If there are nine rabbits on the ground, if you want to catch one, just focus on one.” – Jack Ma. It’s probably one of the most concise statements about…

Blue Lynx is Growing

Blue Lynx is Growing

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We won’t hide it – the last few months have been quite busy. But the energy and resources invested have definitely paid off. Here’s an update on what’s been happening…

Dutch Law & Regulations: What's Changing in 2022

Dutch Law & Regulations: What’s Changing in 2022

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It's January - the exciting month of new beginnings and fresh starts. The new year brings our hopes up, but it also brings change. If you live or work in...
How to Ace an Online Interview: Guide & Tips

How To Ace an Online Interview: Guide & Tips

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As a result of the global pandemic, more and more employers prefer to interview their candidates via Skype or Zoom - and that’s perfectly understandable. The tricky part? Digital interviews...
Podcast: Job Application & Interviews

Podcast: Job Application & Interviews, Tips & Tricks

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Our CEO Tina Evans and CCO Toine Diters have been honourable guests of the University of Economics Varna’s Career Academy podcast. They shared insightful advice on topics like job applications,…

How Recent Graduates Can Stand Out to Employers

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Graduating from college is a big achievement, especially when getting a job is next on your list. Millions of students move on from the classroom and into the workforce. It…

baby elephant sitting in room and watching city

The Elephant in the Room: The Do’s and Dont’s of Salary Negotiation

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“What are your salary expectations for this role?” – one of the most dreaded questions by most job seekers. Not sure how to answer it to your advantage? Check our top salary negotiation tips.

Woman working from home with laptop on the window sill

Between Slacking and Burnout: How to Master Working from Home

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Pijamas on weekdays. No commute. Home office. The pandemic stripped normality from our daily lives, catching us by surprise. But, we’ve adapted. We embraced the work from home life as…

Beach party

What Is Holiday Allowance (Vakantiegeld)? [2021]

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Everyone who is employed in the Netherlands is entitled to a sum of vacation money, usually paid out in May (with a few exceptions). This is referred to as ‘Vakantiegeld’…

LinkedIn login screen on a phone. A cup of coffee, pair of glasses and a succulent on a pink background.

LinkedIn Tips: 10 Ways to Make Your Profile Stand Out

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With 740 million users in over 200 countries around the world, LinkedIn is the largest melting pot for those who are looking for work and those who are hiring. As...
Learn how to write a Thank You Email after your job interview

How to Follow up With a Thank You Email After Your Job Interview

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Why you should write a Thank You email after every job interview and how to do it – all in this article, plus a free template to make it even easier.

People coming to the Netherlands, Airport Arrivals

30% Tax Ruling in the Netherlands: What You Need to Know in 2021

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Are you an expat coming to work in the Netherlands? Did you just receive a job offer from a Dutch employer which made you consider moving? If so, the Dutch…

Will UK citizens be able to work in the Netherlands after Brexit?

Brexit and the Netherlands: Are Dutch Jobs Still Available to UK Citizens?

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The Brexit transition period ended on 1st January 2021. What does that mean for UK citizens currently living and working in the Netherlands? What about the ones who want to relocate here? Find out in this article.

Woman wearing a pink top with an anxious facial expression

How to Tell If Your CV Is Good Enough [Checklist + Free Template]

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Not sure if your CV is good enough to impress your dream employer? See if it ticks all the boxes in this article.

Blue Lynx's NEN 4400 Certificate

Blue Lynx Is NEN 4400-1 Certified

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The NEN 4440 is a well-established mark of quality. We put a lot of effort to keep the certificate. It is our promise and commitment to doing things the right way. The NEN 4400 certificate means that we meet industry standards.

Health Insurance in the Netherlands [Expat Edition]

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Whether you have just moved to the Netherlands or you’ve lived in the country for a few months, health insurance is a topic that needs careful consideration by everyone living and working here. This article covers all the essentials so read up to learn more about Dutch health insurance.

Company culture is a vital element when welcoming a new team member

How to Know if They’re a Good Company Culture Fit

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Hiring for a culture fit is a winning strategy. How to know if your prospect candidate will fit within your company culture? Read up to find out.

3 Reasons to Use Both In-House Recruiters and a Recruitment Agency

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Can you use a recruitment agency if you already have in-house recruiters? The answer is yes. Here are 3 reasons why.

A man sitting at a table holding his head in his hand. Coronavirus layoffs have left many feel a bit desperate.

What to Do If You’ve Just Been Laid off in the Netherlands

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After a layoff, you need a lot of optimism and a plan. Here are 3 things to do if you’ve just been made redundant.

Why Start Learning Dutch Today?

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Wondering whether you should start learning Dutch? We have 5 great reasons to do so and a number of resources to get your started.

Infographic outlining the steps job seekers can take to a better mental health

Job Searching and Mental Health: How to Take Care of Your Wellbeing

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The process of finding a job could be a real rollercoaster of emotions. Here’s how to stay sane while searching for the dream job.

How to keep virtual teams well knit

How Lockdown Brought Our Team Together

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Communication is key. Companies with offices in more than one country know how important it is to create and keep a good team bond.

How to Solve Common Technical Issues From Home

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Work from home often comes with tech issues. Some of them are easy to fix. Check out our infographic.

How to write a good cover letter? A ginger man in a pink sweatshirt looking confused.

How to Write a Great Cover Letter for Your Job Application

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Cover letters only look scary when you don’t know how to write them. Learn some good practices and the ones you should avoid in this article.

Interview Tips and Etiquette For Dutch Natives and Expats Alike

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Learn how to ace a job interview in the Netherlands – our tips and tricks for expats and Dutch natives alike.

Colleagues sitting around a table and a table football, Employee Benefits: What they really want

Employee Benefits – Extra Cost for Employers or Extra Motivation for Workers?

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From games and in-house gyms to unlimited vacations, employers and HR managers are trying hard to come up with the best benefits program. But what do employees really want?

Open laptop on a neutral background. What you should know about onboarding employees in the new COVID-19 reality

A Start to Remember: Onboarding During Corona

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How does new employee onboarding work in this new reality?

Man wearing face mask in front of a business building

People Management in Times of Crisis: How a Good HR Strategy Can Save Your Business

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There are many ways to navigate the coronavirus crisis. Which one will you choose?

Despite the pandemic, you can hire top professionals today.

Hire Them Now, They Can Start Later

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Why you shouldn’t let coronavirus hinder your recruitment efforts and what to do today.

Blue Lynx was one of the three finalists for the LinkedIn Top Innovative Staffing Agency Award.

Blue Lynx at the LinkedIn Talent Awards 2019

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Thank you, LinkedIn! Blue Lynx is proud to be a finalist for the LinkedIn Talent Awards 2019. Competing in the category Top Innovative Staff Agency (in the category for under...

Blue Lynx: Reflecting, launching and expanding

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Having celebrated our 31st Birthday this year, we reflect on both the successes and the sacrifices that brought us to this point. In 2019, with team members both old and new,...
bicycles in the Netherlands

Blue Lynx Doet

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Last Saturday 16-03-2019, Blue Lynx had the honour and privilege of supporting the local community in The Hague during The Netherlands national yearly volunteer day organised by Oranjefonds, NL Doet....

“The expert in anything was once a beginner.”

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Internships, traineeships, work experience, young graduate programs; there are many expressions or titles, but one thing all of these words have in common is learning.

Why December Might be the Best Time of Year to Get Hired

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With the holiday season right around the corner, you may have decided to put your job search on hold until after the New Year. But before you get completely into…


When Everyday Terms Meet Oil & Gas

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Christmas trees? Blowout? Not just what you think they are. Christmas trees? Yes, indeed they are an important part of celebrating Christmas and delicately wrapped holiday gifts are placed under...
10 Dutch Expressions Used at Work

10 Dutch Expressions Used On The Work Floor

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Idioms and expressions are what give a language its flavour. If you want to show your Dutch colleagues how well you speak the language, use one of the idioms below...
Blue Lynx had the opportunity to once again attend the biggest HR Event of the Netherlands, HR LIVE at the Fokker Terminal in The Hague.

HR Live 2018

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Blue Lynx attended the biggest HR event in the Netherlands: HR LIVE at the Fokker Terminal in The Hague.   HR Director Arla Morrison and CFO Dina van Duuren-Timmermans represented...
GDPR - Blue Lynx

The GDPR Deadline Has Passed. What Does This Mean For You?

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After 25 May 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) deadline has officially passed. This regulation is an update to the Personal Data Protection Convention, Convention 108, which was…

Blue Lynx celebrating its 30th birthday

Blue Lynx’s 30th Birthday Party

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We had a blast … Thanks to everyone who came to the Blue Lynx 30th Birthday party at the Waterreus in Scheveningen. We really celebrated in style.  It was one of…

Volunteers' hands put together, making the shape of a heart.

CSR: Volunteering Day in the Netherlands with Blue Lynx

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The Origins of the Dutch National Day of Volunteering (NLdoet) Every year in March, the Dutch charity, Oranje Fonds, organises a national day for volunteering in the Netherlands, called “NLdoet”…

GDPR and data protection

GDPR – What Is It & How It Affects Candidates and Recruitment Agencies

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What is the GDPR? GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation (1). It is a regulation that the European Union has passed with the intention to standardise and strengthen…

Grace, the Blue Lynx dog, also known as branch manager

Meet Grace

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Meet Grace the company dog. She is always hard at work keeping us all entertained, loved and on our toes, she works using strict canine guidelines “all food found on desks will be borrowed on a permanent basis”. She takes this job very seriously – biscuits, sandwiches and snacks are borrowed with regular monotony.