Executive Search by Blue Lynx

  • Find experienced professionals for senior and C-level positions in the Netherlands and abroad
  • Get expert industry analysis, evaluation of team and company culture and a job ad based on all that
  • Let expert recruiters negotiate a deal with some of the world’s most wanted executives

Executive search, known in the industry as headhunting, is the selection and recruitment of highly-specialised individuals. Are you building the senior leadership team at your organisation? Does your company need a new Financial Director? Let Blue Lynx fill all the key roles in your business.

It’s Not Just a Matter of Experience

Many headhunters focus on finding professionals who have years of experience and forget something important – individuality. A great leader is the one who knows how to bring change and get everybody on board, who can challenge and inspire and who knows the industry well. What does it take to know a good executive? Exceptional people skills. Something all Blue Lynx recruiters have in common.

What’s Different About Our Executive Search Process?

  1. Focus on your needs
    Before we can start searching for the executives your company needs, we need to have an excellent understanding of what the ideal candidate looks like.
  2. Tap into a variety of talent pools
    Thanks to our long history in the recruitment industry, we have developed a broad network. This allows us to use data-informed talent mapping and sourcing techniques.
  3. Narrow down your choice
    Once we identify and attract top candidates that fit your requirement, we shortlist the ones worth your time and attention.
  4. Introduce you to a selection of the best
    We build a great relationship with the executives that make it to the final stage. In the process,  our recruiters act as true brand ambassadors for your organisation.

Ready to Welcome Top Leaders to Your Business?

Blue Lynx is here to make it happen. We are a call or an email away. Contact us at +31 (0)70 311 7822 or email us at sales@bluelynx.com. You can also submit a vacancy using the form below. We will be in touch asap.

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