How to register

How to register your CV and personal profile

All you have to do is use our secure online registration tool. There you can create your very own personal profile.  We will send you a unique login so you can access it any time. And please pleeeease make sure you let us know when something in your life changes by logging in and updating your CV and/or personal profile.

How to submit updates and changes to your CV and personal details:

You can quickly access your registered details by clicking: CV and/or personal profile

Lost your unique login?

Simply click on “Forgotten your password” to get a new login and we will email it to you.

Why update your CV and personal profile?

To match you with the best opportunities, please keep us posted. We are talking about things like:

  • You’ve updated your CV so it’s even better
  • You moved
  • You’ve lost your mobile in the back of a taxi and so had to get a new one (urgh)
  • You finally signed up for that further study (go you!)
  • Your role changed
  • You passed your exams
  • You got new referees to sing your praises
  • Your employment ended
  • You thought about what you expect to be paid and changed your mind
  • You decided that you could live and work in Nepal after all. Or perhaps you never want to leave The Hague. Let us know where you are willing to work.

Need help with your CV layout and content?

They say first impressions count and wow is it true. Your CV is often your first impression so it is worth making it pop. If you are struggling with the content and layout of your CV, we have a handful of useful resources. Check out our blog about making your CV good enough. See also our tips on creating a CV or download a free CV Template.

Do you have the correct visa, work and residency permits?

To work in The Netherlands you must have all the necessary paper work in order (residency, work permits, visas etc.). It can be quite a complicated process to navigate. We can support you to make sure you have everything in order.

If the online registration tool doesn’t work:

If you have any problems with the online registration tool, call us on +31 (0)70 311 7822 or +31 (0)20 406 9180 or email us at