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Contracting to Perm (Deta-Vast) with Blue Lynx

1040 hours employee trial period? It’s possible with Deta-Vast.

With Deta-Vast, candidates become contractors for 1040 working hours through Blue Lynx. After this period, they become permanent staff members.

This option comes at no risk for your business.

There is no recruitment fee or take-over charge when the Contractor transitions into the employment of the client.

Deta-Vast (Contracting-to-Perm) Explained

For the purposes of explaining Deta-Vast better, we will refer to the candidate as ‘the Contractor/Contingent Worker’ and to the business hiring them, as ‘the Client’.

Deta-Vast allows both you and the employee a longer trial period than that permitted under Dutch labour law. In the first 1040 hours worked, both the Client or Contractor can end the working relationship with ease and short termination periods.

In addition to the legislation of ABU CLA, all employers in the Netherlands have to adhere to the following rules:

  • No trial period when the employment is less than six months
  • A one-month trial period for a fixed-term contract (more than 6 months and one day)
  • A two-month trial period for permanent employment


Why Is Deta-Vast So Popular?

Hiring new people for your team often comes with a risk. Will they be a good fit for the company culture? Will their performance match your expectations? You cannot know for sure before the chosen candidate starts working. 

Deta-vast bypasses the Dutch Labour Law ruling of no trial period during the first 6 months of employment. 

That’s exactly why the Deta-Vast is so popular with employers.


How Does It Work?

The successful applicant works for the initial 1040 hours as a Contractor. Thereafter, the Contractor becomes a direct employee. The Contractor must receive the same remuneration whilst working as a temporary worker as an employee in the same function as staff working for the client. This is due to the inlenersbeloning ruling (hirer’s remuneration).


The Costs

The Client pays the equivalent of the recruitment fee within the hourly bill rate. When the 1040 hours are completed there are no further hidden costs or takeover fee.

The bill rate (invoiced per hour worked) comprises of:

  • Gross hourly wage including 8.33% vacation money reserve
  • Employer’s burden (comprising – taxes, premiums, insurances)
  • Pension
  • 25 days paid vacation reserve
  • Risk – for example sick pay/conflict/early termination etc.
  • Operational costs of Blue Lynx including the recruitment process, human resources and payroll administration
  • Commission


The Benefits of Deta-Vast Employment

  • You get extra time to decide whether the employee is right for your business
  • No transition allowance payment required when there is a seamless transfer from Blue Lynx to you. 
  • You save money and resources on recruiting and contracting costs
  • You make sure the candidate matches all your requirements before they become your employee 
  • Blue Lynx supports you at every step of the way

Hire Employees via Blue Lynx 

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