Operational HR Management & Support in the Netherlands

Your Business – A Well-Oiled Machine

If your business operations don’t work smoothly day to day, open the door to improvement by choosing the Blue Lynx Operational HR solutions. You are bound to find HR at the bottom of every operational solution.

Step 1: Operational HR Audit

If you are considering an external HR manager’s help, chances are you have found yourself in a pickle in a certain aspect of your business. If you have caught the issue quite early on, that’s going to bring you an advantage. But even if it’s a long-standing problem at your organisation, worry not.

The Blue Lynx Operational HR Services always start with an audit of your company’s Human Resources. You can count on our team of HR support experts for an acute analysis of your current operational challenges.

Step 2: Setting Goals & Expectations

Performing operationally, HR staff members are top-level administrators and managers. The tasks they accomplish are generally highly visible to your employees because they are focused on the daily work issues attributed to the ongoing needs of your team. Once we have analysed the key areas of improvement, we will come up with an HR plan for your unique organisation’s goals.

Step 3:  Implementing Your Tailor-made HR plan

It’s time for action! We’ll advise you on how to implement the changes to your day-to-day HR activities in order to see the maximum results. Blue Lynx can manage an Operational HR portfolio on behalf of its clients both partially or completely. We offer on-site HR support as well as remote services. You can also hire us to work for you at your offices.

Our HR Support Covers The Following and Much More:

  • HR administration
  • Dutch employment contracts
  • HR policies and personnel handbooks
  • Employee induction
  • Advice on ID’s and work permits
  • Advice on employee relations
  • Absence management
  • Staff Performance Improvement
  • Succession planning
  • Conflict mediation
  • Training and development

Become a Master in HR Operations With Blue Lynx

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