How Recent Graduates Can Stand Out to Employers

By September 19, 2021 No Comments

Graduating from college is a big achievement, especially when getting a job is next on your list. Millions of students move on from the classroom and into the workforce. It can be hard to separate yourself from other applicants. If you want to learn how to shine in front of employers, keep reading! The advice in this article is also suitable for job candidates looking to expand their skills and gain experience in new fields.

Improve Your Resume

Your resume is the first thing that employers notice about you. So, it should leave the best impression. When on a job hunt, it may be very tempting to send the same resume out to multiple jobs to save time. But you should think about editing it to fit every job that you apply to. When editing your resume, also make sure to keep everything on one page – when possible. Hiring managers go through hundreds of resumes every week. And the chances of them spending more than a few minutes on yours are slim. Strive to keep it short and sweet.

Having a great cover letter can also up your chances of a hiring manager/employer. Author, motivational speaker, and business coach Marcus Buckingham says, “Emphasize your strengths on your resume, in your cover letters and in your interviews. It may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people simply list everything they’ve ever done. Convey your passion and link your strengths to measurable results. Employers and interviewers love concrete data.”
This may seem like an extra step for some. However, cover letters allow employers to get a better understanding of who you are as a person and how you fit in with the company and the position.

Nail the Interview

​​Arrive early and dress appropriately! Your attire is the first thing that people will notice about you when coming in for an interview, whether online or in person. Utilising bright colours that mesh well with each other can make you stand out from the crowd (literally).

“You need to know that nothing replaces actually doing the work, take a thoughtful risk, always be intentional about the words you choose,” says noted philanthropist Robert F. Smith. Let the interviewer know who you are by laying out your experiences and how they make you a perfect fit for the job.

Come prepared with great questions to ask the interviewer at the end of your meeting. Remember that you are also interviewing the company to see if they are a good fit for you. Take some time before the interview to think about what things are important to you in your next job/employer.

Make Sure to Follow Up

The process of waiting to hear back from an interview can leave you feeling both nervous and excited. You may be wondering if you should follow up. Regardless if the interviewer provided an expected date or not, be sure to give them at least five days to reach back. After that, consider following up with them. You can do so by sending in a thank you letter to your interviewer and reiterate your interest in the position.

If you don’t get a job offer, you want to know why. Follow up by asking the interviewer for some feedback. This can help you create a list of things that you need to improve on for future interviews. The interviewer may not give you a full answer, but it’s always good to ask.

Help the Employer See Potential in You

Job hunting can be considered a job in itself. However, taking these extra steps to make sure that employers can easily differentiate you from other candidates can make it much more effortless. Remember to tidy up your resume and cover letter, dress appropriately and practice for your interview. You’ll be a top candidate in no time!

And dear employers, if you wonder whether the candidate is a good match, here is our guide on how to hire for culture fit.