Job Searching and Mental Health: How to Take Care of Your Wellbeing

Infographic outlining the steps job seekers can take to a better mental health

Oftentimes, the job search process turns into a soul-sucking cycle of applying and not hearing back from anyone. You keep filling applications, sending out your CV and cover letters and going from speaking from one recruiter to another without much luck. It can be tough. You feel discouraged and kept on hold. In times like these, your mental health needs a bit of extra care. Here are our tips.

Cultivate a healthy lifestyle

Job or no job, you need a daily routine that sets you up for success, not a failure. A healthy diet and enough sleep each night guarantee you a fresh start of your job-seeking efforts every day. If you add regular exercise to that, you would feel great and have all the energy that finding a job may need.

Talk to your friends

You should really reach out to your friends and networks when you first start looking for a job. Most companies would much rather interview someone who has been recommended by an employee. When you mention to your friends and connections that you are on the look, your chances are higher. They might be more experienced at job seeking and give you tips on where to look. It is still an extra bit of help that you need.

Don’t give up

Maybe it’s been months since you have started looking for the dream job. Yet, all you’ve heard so far are no’s and “We wish you luck in your job search”. As much as it may hurt our egos, rejection is part of life. Just like failure is part of success. Sometimes being rejected from one position turns out to be a blessing in disguise. Instead of growing bitter and writing 1-star reviews on social media, you could spend your time in scouting for new opportunities. Much more productive.

Take breaks

You can easily split your day into two halves and even further into sections. Every two hours take a 15-minute break even if you don’t feel like it. Stand up, walk around, get a glass of water. Just take your mind off the current application and restart your brain.

Reward yourself often

Job seekers that have fallen into despair might resort to doubling down their efforts to find employment and beat themselves up. That’s where you start feeling the burnout. Once you feel like you’ve reached a peaking point of staring at job descriptions. Whenever you hit that “Send” button on an email or online application, do something that you really love. Read an interesting article, watch a short video, listen to a song you really like. Do something that feels rewarding.

We’re Here For You

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