A Start to Remember: Onboarding During Corona

What you should know about onboarding employees in the new COVID-19 reality

From New York to London, Amsterdam, Buenos Aires and in a big part of the world, most people are working from home as a result of the global lockdown measures in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. Currently, we are preparing for some lockdown measures to be eased. Still, starting a new job is now particularly exciting. How does new employee onboarding work in this new reality? Let’s find out!


Working From Home 

In 2019, 39% of all workers in the Netherlands worked from home, according to CBS. In 2020, things have drastically changed due to the coronavirus outbreak. For the time being, as many people as possible are working from home to slow down the spread of the virus. Exceptions are areas where physical contact or physical presence is required: care, catering, food, logistics, etc. 

A work from home setup: large table with a laptop, coffee and glasses

Working from home is the new normal

Since attending meetings and doing everything your business needs from a home office has become the new normal, many companies had to adapt. But, it is a whole different story when you are just joining a new company. Perhaps you accepted the offer before the coronavirus situation and expected a traditional onboarding experience. Or maybe, you were hired during the lockdown and you are uncertain about your stepping into the job. So, if this is no longer on the table, you will probably be faced with a virtual onboarding. The good news is, most employers should be able to offer that.


Welcome On Board

New employees are looking forward to all steps of an onboard program, even in this context: presentations, 1-on-1 appointments, training, peer buddy and digital coffee appointment. In addition, good onboarding is seen as an indispensable part of a good integration in the organisation. 

A person sitting at a desk with an open book, having an online call

Onboarding done online is still a vital part of the employee’s journey at the company

A large proportion of our clients offer to new employees a welcome package at their doorstep. This includes a laptop, telephone and other facilities for convenient working from home. During online presentations, new employees can learn everything about the organisation, task content and what is expected of them.


Onboarding With Blue Lynx By Your Side

Here at Blue Lynx, we do business as usual. This said, our contractors and Blue Lynx employees limit physical contact as much as possible.

If you are a candidate looking for a new job during this period…

You can start with the jobs on our website. Apply just as you would do in normal circumstances by first registering on our website. When you find a job opening that sounds right for your skills and knowledge, click that ‘Apply’ button. Interviews continue as usual and companies are still hiring. The only difference is that it is all done over the phone or a video call. 

If you are a client looking for help with new employee onboarding and hiring…

Get in touch with Blue Lynx. We are ready to provide support to quickly meet the demand for personnel and we continue to source and qualify candidates for our existing clients.


We are here for you.

A photo collage of the Blue Lynx team working from home keeping business as usual

This is us, the Blue Lynx team (and some of our four-legged friends), getting it all done from the safety of our homes

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