3 Reasons to Use Both In-House Recruiters and a Recruitment Agency

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As a recruitment agency with decades of experience, at Blue Lynx, we are proud to say we know our business clients and their biggest concerns. 

One thing we hear rather often is: “I already have in-house recruitment, I don’t need the help of a recruitment agency”. 

While this may sound completely logical, it’s not necessarily true in every case. If you are in a similar conundrum, i.e. “Should I use Blue Lynx, if I already have in-house recruiters”, you are about to get an answer.

Here are 3 out of many reasons why you can use both us and your in-house recruitment team:


Reason #1: You have a large number of vacancies to fill

Is your recruitment team small or need to fill multiple positions at once?

This is one of the most common problems both big and small companies counter. One of the challenges of high volume recruitment is that it puts a strain on your resources. In other words, you have less time and manpower to fill all these open positions. What’s more, the time for selection also increases. With multiple positions to fill, the pool of candidates becomes larger. Your in-recruiters are suddenly flooded with candidate applications to screen and shortlist.

A situation like that calls for a joint effort. It’s when most companies with in-house recruiters contact Blue Lynx and ask for help. Depending on the nature of your business, you may experience this just once or a few times a year. The most efficient way to tackle it? Delegate the high-volume recruitment efforts to our recruiters, who have a database full of candidates and a variety of sourcing tactics.

Reason #2: You need to hire a specialist who is hard to find

Every industry has positions that are hard to fill for one reason or another. 

The level of difficulty usually increases when you are looking for someone with very niche expertise or many years of experience. What could also complicate the recruitment process is an unpopular working location (like a very small or distant town). 

Another factor is market competitiveness. Some specialists are in very high demand but are extremely rare on the market. The IT industry is full of these unicorns but there are many other fields with a high demand for specialised professionals

When a position demands skills in multiple disciplines or has an unusual combination of requirements (for example, a Life Sciences PhD fluent in Japanese with 5+ years of international experience), you can generally expect a longer than average time to fill the vacancy. On top of that, you also need to browse a broad range of talent pools and databases. 

Blue Lynx and its access to databases, pools and job boards can help you cut in half your cost per hire. Acting as a natural extension to your in-house recruitment team, we will also help you reduce hiring times and costs. 

Reason #3: You don’t have a legal entity in the Netherlands

Let’s say you are relocating your business to the Netherlands or expanding it on the Dutch market.

If you have not already set up legally here, you may need to employ staff through a third-party supplier. It’s best to use a uitzendbureau (the Dutch term for a recruitment agency) that has deep knowledge of the market and labour laws, as well as the expertise to hire contractors (temporary workers). In such cases, it’s especially important to find a trusted supplier that is compliant with all local rules and regulations.

Employment law in the Netherlands could cause a headache even to Dutch employers, so clients schedule consultations with Blue Lynx on legal and HR inquiries all the time. We also know the local candidate market well and know how to position your company to the type of multilingual professionals that you need.

Combine Both Recruitment Practices With Ease

We hope you’ll leave this article with a better understanding of why you could successfully combine both in-house and outsourced recruitment. Of course, what always helps is having clear priorities. Define your recruitment goals and needs. Do you envision a rapid expansion? Are you looking for an experienced specialist in a very competitive field? Will you be opening an office in the Netherlands? 

The best way to decide whether you should complement your in-house recruitment team with the experience and expertise at Blue Lynx is a consultation.

Alternatively, you can send us an email...