When Everyday Terms Meet Oil & Gas

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Christmas trees? Blowout? Not just what you think they are.

Christmas trees? Yes, indeed they are an important part of celebrating Christmas and delicately wrapped holiday gifts are placed under them; however, it is also a piece of oil and gas equipment used to regulate the flow of pipes in a good system.

Blowout? There is the kind you get at a hair salon, but I am referring to the sudden, uncontrolled release of underground pressure from an oil well.

Brent? Not only a common boy’s name, but it is also in fact the benchmark for pricing Brent North Sea Crude Oil.

There are all sorts of oil and gas terms and activities that are common everyday terms or expressions used in the English language. However, they have a completely different context or meaning when used in the oil and gas industry.

This complex and fascinating world of oil and gas is not only packed full of unique terms, phrases and expressions making it enjoyable to read up on and learn about, it is also an intriguing industry that spans countries, continents, cultures, languages, and even sectors.

Sectors? I bet you are thinking oil and gas is a sector all on its own, right? And yes, that’s true, but, there are countless sectors, products, and by-products directly linked to oil and gas.



Oil and Gas industry

Take a minute to think about the asphalt your car drives on, or the roof that keeps the rain and winds out of your warm cosy home-the likelihood is that these are comprised of petroleum products.

And what about your favourite new fragrance you received for your birthday, or the new flooring you have purchased for your living room, or even the insecticide you use to keep unwanted critters out of your well-groomed garden?

Yup, that’s right, chances are these are also petroleum by-products.

Pretty amazing isn’t it?

The oil and gas industry also uses countless acronyms as a way to easily represent techniques, processes, machinery or equipment.

FPSO? No, it is not another unique shoe brand invented by a reality star or famous musician. It stands for “floating production storage offloading”, which is a massive floating vessel used in the production and storage of oil.

As you can see, the oil and gas industry is not only rich in organic compounds and minerals, it has an equally rich vocabulary, including phrases, terms, expressions and acronyms equally as diverse and interesting.