“The expert in anything was once a beginner.”

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Internships, traineeships, work experience, young graduate programs; there are many expressions or titles, but one thing all of these words have in common is learning.

Blue Lynx HR Solutions helping international organisations in the Netherlands

We at Blue Lynx pride ourselves on learning. This comes in many shapes and forms and involves not only new staff or beginners but also seasoned professionals in our team. Learning takes place every day here at Blue Lynx. Whether it be in the capacity of sharing knowledge or offering advice, lending a helping hand on a difficult case or situation, or discussing with a new client or researching a new vacancy with a discipline that is outside of our normal scope, we learn every day. This can be by listening, experiencing, talking, reading or more formally in a classical training session or course, hosted by one of our colleagues, clients, suppliers or a third party. Whatever the avenue, we take every opportunity to develop ourselves and those around us, enabling us to better serve our clients, our candidates and most importantly each other. We thrive on sharing knowledge and every opportunity we get to engage with motivated young people enables us to share our knowledge with them, we grab onto it and savour it.

That’s why Blue Lynx has been engaging with local educational institutions for many years and we have built solid relationships with some of the top schools both at MBO, HBO and University levels. We encourage interns to take part in our work experience program and are a recognised internship organisation here in The Netherlands. Whether it be a first-year student looking to spend a few hours to learn about recruitment, or a Masters student finalising their thesis looking to spend the last 6 months of their studies applying their theory to practice in the sales team; we both encourage and welcome with open arms these ambitious, eager, motivated students to join and grow and most importantly learn in our team. Sometimes it is important to sit back and remember that we were all beginners at one point. We all started off with a clean slate and were given a chance. We like to be that chance, that foot in the door, that opportunity.

At Blue Lynx, we also believe in nurturing these opportunities and therefore we always strive to where possible, promote and develop from within. We focus on retention and reward and that’s why several of our interns have gone on to become full-time staff members and remain with us even today: Jillian van Duuren, Teodora Simeonova, Sabrin Abduraham to name a few. These colleagues have proven their value from day one and we have learned as much from them as they have from us.

With good communication, the right motivation, an eagerness and willingness to succeed, and an open mind, the learning opportunities at Blue Lynx are endless. For more information about an internship please contact hr@bluelynx.com