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All information provided on this website is the responsibility of The Blue Lynx Group of companies (herein known as Blue Lynx). Blue Lynx pays the utmost attention to maintaining and updating all the information on this website and pays great detail to keeping the information as complete as possible. Nevertheless, the information on the site may sometimes become: outdated, incomplete or incorrect.

No rights shall thus be derived from the information provided. Blue Lynx cannot be held liable for the consequences of any use of the information on this site. Where access is offered to other internet sites and therefore the sources of information is managed by third parties; we cannot be held liable for the consequences of any use of information presented on third party sites or these pages.


Blue Lynx maintain copyright on the information provided through the Internet site, including logotypes, logos and photo material. Nothing from the texts or graphics on the website may be published, distributed and/or copied without our written permission.


Blue Lynx strives to adhere to the EU General Data Protection act, the follow up to this act is the long-awaited introduction of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. This will come into effect as per May 25th 2018. Blue Lynx is a transparent, fair, lawful, accurate, secure organisation and safeguards all personal data including that of: candidates, contractors, in-house staff, clients and third parties. We have a fairness radar & we only keep personal data for as long as it is necessary and for the sole use it was obtained for. We are currently dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s to make sure we are compliant and have all documentation and processes in place by May 25th 2018. For more information please visit Dutch government introduces GDPR implementation bill.

Privacy Statement


Blue Lynx treats all information, from both Clients and Candidates, as strictly confidential – taking into account the interests of all involved.

We are very happy for you to visit our website as often as you wish, entirely free of obligation, and for you to get to know our organisation. Our privacy statement describes what kind of information we collect via the website and how this is processed.


Blue Lynx keeps a data file on the number of visitors to our website, in order to monitor visitor traffic. We are also interested in the areas of the site which are of most interest. From this information, we can determine how user-friendly our website is for all visitors. We strive to make changes where appropriate. We are also able to determine the frequency of visits by an individual.


The Blue Lynx team

The Blue Lynx Team. We are here to help you

If a visitor is interested in our services and wishes to be registered as a candidate, they may register online via the registration tool. Blue Lynx stores and saves the information provided at a secure location. Our data storage facilities are in compliance with the relevant EU Data Protection Acts and shortly the EU General Data Protection Regulation (as per 25th May 2018). Candidates who register via the website receive a written confirmation of their registration when they are accepted as a candidate.

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