Ruth Brady, Warehouse Operative

By October 23, 2017 No Comments

I had just moved to Holland after travelling and needed to get  work straight away. I had applied for job after job. I had been in touch with a lot of different people and agencies and got nowhere – until the day I received an amazing call from Blue Lynx. Everything about the call excited me, the manner, the tone, the full attention, wanting to prepare me for the interview…

On the day of my prep interview, Teodora from Blue Lynx prepped me for the interview. The experience was just wonderful! It was the best prep interview I had ever done. The ladies asked me basic questions, prepped me for the real thing. They just bought it all too a whole new level!!! They built my confidence and made me think about the best way to answer questions. I could have taken over the world after talking to them both. After the prep interview I was leaving and the whole team was in the hall saying goodbye to the owner and the cutie dog. The energy in the room was beautiful, everyone had the biggest smile on their faces- the building was full of love I didn’t want to leave 🙂
I got into the lift with the owner…… not knowing she was the owner, we had the most wonderful conversion. The passion in her voice, how she wanted to help people and how she loved what she did. I truly looked up to her, she was happy in her workplace and what she had built. I knew this was the right recruitment agency, every single thing was meant to be. The owner said in passing “we recruit from the heart “All I can say yes they do!