Why December Might be the Best Time of Year to Get Hired

By December 7, 2018 No Comments

With the holiday season right around the corner, you may have decided to put your job search on hold until after the New Year.

But before you get completely into the holiday mood you may want to consider this: December might actually be the best time of year to be searching for a job.

Here are three great reasons why:

1. Less competition
Unsurprisingly, many people have December full of holiday plans, so if you apply now there is a lot less competition for these open job vacancies – and yes, there are vacancies open.

With fewer people applying for jobs, it’s ultimately easier to stand out from the crowd. Don’t make the mistake of thinking December is the month for slowing down—this could actually be the month your job hunting efforts pay off the most.

2. Many companies have their budgets in place
Apart from the job openings that exist simply based on need (it’s not like companies suddenly don’t need employees in December). It’s not uncommon for companies to have their recruitment budget for the New Year in place (In October and November a lot of companies secure their next year’s recruitment budget). Some may even have money left over from their 2018 budgets.

This means new positions still have to be filled and hiring decisions to be made, and naturally, these positions still get posted. So December is a great time to check out our vacancies.

3. You get more attention from recruiters
The best part of applying for jobs in December is all the extra attention you may get. Recruiters also experience the “holiday mood slow down” as lots of candidates leave their job applications to the New Year. So in December recruiters get even more excited than usual when an interesting person, like you, comes along.

This applicant “holiday mood slow-down” means recruiters have a bit more time to spend looking over your CV and that is good news for you.